About the Command Center

The Command Center gives you more control over a Coveo for Sitecore installation through an administration user interface. The Command Center also displays index related information and provides a convenient means to perform common configurations and actions.

Command Center Default Page | Coveo for Sitecore 5

Accessing the Command Center

To access the Command Center as a Sitecore administrator

  1. Open the Coveo Search section of the Sitecore Control Panel (see Open the Coveo Search Control Panel Section).

  2. Choose Indexing Manager.


You can also access the Command Center using URL http://<INSTANCE_HOSTNAME>/coveo/command-center/index.html, where <INSTANCE_HOSTNAME> is the name of your Sitecore instance. Non Sitecore administrators can only access the Command Center by URL (see Give Access to the Command Center).

Command Center Sections

The following is a summary of the information you can access and the actions you can perform in each section of the Command Center.

Indexing Manager

The Indexing Manager section of the Command Center provides an overview of index-related information. It lists your Coveo indexes, displays the index crawlers and the content each goes through, and the database where the information is stored.

You can initiate index rebuilding from the interface and subsequently monitor the status of the rebuild. The Indexing Manager also allows you to handpick the Sitecore fields that you want to index.

For more information about the Indexing Manager, see About the Indexing Manager.

Relevance Manager

The Relevance Manager section of the Command Center provides general information regarding Coveo Platform relevance features and direct links to those features in the Coveo Administration Console.

For more information about the Relevance Manager, see About the Relevance Manager.

Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager section of the Command Center allows you to change the Coveo organization your Sitecore instance is linked to.

You can also modify content indexing settings, and enable or disable the Coveo for Sitecore proxy in this section.

For more information about the Configuration Manager, see Update Coveo for Sitecore Settings.

Getting Help

In each Command Center section, just next to the page title, you can click the help button to reach the related documentation article.


The Organization Status Dialog

When a Coveo trial organization has been idle for some time, it’s paused automatically. When you try to access the Command Center and your organization has been idle for some time, one of the following dialog is displayed:

Organization pausing dialog
Organization paused dialog

If you click Resume, the organization status then changes to Resuming.

Organization resuming dialog

The dialog automatically closes once the organization has finished resuming and is, once again, fully functional.


You can also reactivate your organization through the Coveo Administration Console (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au), in the notification center.