Clean Up Unused Field Resources

When using a Coveo Platform index, you might find that you have many unused fields indexed, which can slow the overall performance of your index. To solve this issue, instead of manually deleting every unused field, you can clean up the unused field resources directly from the Command Center.


This tool only deletes fields starting with f and ending with at least three digits (see The isSourceSpecific Parameter in the fieldNames Table). If your unused fields are indexed as external, they won’t be deleted.

  1. In Sitecore, access the Control Panel.

  2. Under Coveo Search, select Indexing Manager.

  3. In the left menu, select Fields.

  4. Near the upper-right corner of the screen, select Clean up Unused Fields.

  5. The cleaning process has started. To follow the progression, access the Sitecore logs. You should see something similar to this:

     ManagedPoolThread #0 13:10:40 INFO  Job started: Clean up unused resources.
     ManagedPoolThread #0 13:10:42 INFO  144 unused fields found in the organization. They will be deleted.
     ManagedPoolThread #0 13:10:44 INFO  All unused fields deleted.
     ManagedPoolThread #0 13:10:44 INFO  Job ended: Clean up unused resources. (units processed: )