About the Relevance Manager

Several powerful and valuable features of Coveo are only available in the Coveo Administration Console . The Command Center Relevance Manager provides information about these features and links to the associated pages in the Coveo Administration Console.


Accessing the Relevance Manager

To access the Relevance Manager as a Sitecore administrator

  1. Open the Coveo Search section of the Sitecore Control Panel (see Open the Coveo Search Control Panel Section).

  2. Choose Relevance Manager.


    You can also access the Command Center Relevance Manager using URL http://<INSTANCE_HOSTNAME>/coveo/command-center/index.html#relevance-tools, where <INSTANCE_HOSTNAME> is the name of your Sitecore instance. Non Sitecore administrators can only access the Command Center by URL (see Give Access to the Command Center).

Relevance Tools

The Relevance Tools section briefly describes the features that are available in the Coveo Administration Console. You can click the feature name or its link icon to reach the associated page in the Coveo Administration Console.

It contains the following information:


When a Coveo Platform trial organization has been idle for some time, it’s paused automatically. If you try to access the Relevance Manager when your organization has been idle for some time, one of the following dialogs is displayed:

Organization pausing dialog
Organization paused dialog

If you click Resume, the organization status then changes to Resuming.

Organization resuming dialog

The dialog automatically closes once the organization has finished resuming and is, once again, fully functional.

You can also reactivate your organization through the Coveo Administration Console (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au), in the notification center.