Introduction to the Coveo configuration files

Similar to Sitecore, the Coveo Search Provider is highly configurable and has many different configuration files. This page explains the roles of the different Coveo configuration files.

Locating the configuration files

The Coveo for Sitecore configuration files are located in Coveo folders with the other Sitecore configuration files. The Coveo folders are located under:

  • <SITECORE_INSTANCE_ROOT>\App_Config\Include\

  • <SITECORE_INSTANCE_ROOT>\App_Config\Modules\

Leading practice

To avoid issues and unexpected behavior, you should refrain from moving the Coveo for Sitecore configuration files from their intended location.

Configuration file types

Most Coveo configuration files are split into two categories:

  • .config files

  • .Custom.config files

The .config files contain the default configurations of Coveo for Sitecore, while the .Custom.config files contain configuration examples and the configurations generated by Coveo UIs (for example, the post installation wizard). Because the Sitecore wizard treats .config files in alphabetical order, the configurations in the .Custom.config files take priority over the .config files.

If you need to modify your configurations, edit the .Custom.config files. Otherwise, you may encounter unexpected bugs during updates.


We recommend the use of patching to configure the Coveo Search Provider. This practice makes Coveo for Sitecore updates easier and eases debugging.

Content of the Coveo folders

In the Coveo folders, you find:

  • The Coveo.Authentication.config file contains configurations related to the automatic authentication into Coveo modules after authentication in Sitecore.

  • The Coveo.CloudPlatformClient.config file contains configuration of the module responsible for interacting with Coveo.

  • The Coveo.CloudPlatformClient.Custom.config file contains custom configuration of the module responsible for interacting with Coveo.

  • The Coveo.SearchProvider.config file contains the Coveo indexes definitions and the default configuration of the Coveo Search Provider.

  • The Coveo.SearchProvider.Custom.config file contains the custom configuration of the Coveo Search Provider and pipeline examples.

  • The Coveo.SearchProvider.Fields.Custom.config file contains the list of include fields. This file is automatically generated when using the PATCH or PUT fields services for the first time.

  • The Coveo.SearchProvider.Licensing.config file contains the different commands used to open Coveo wizards.

  • The Coveo.SearchProvider.Rest.config file contains the configuration of the REST endpoint used to query the Coveo index. It also includes configurations related to search results handling.

  • The Coveo.SearchProvider.Rest.Custom.config file contains the custom configuration of the REST endpoint and pipeline examples.

  • The Coveo.UI.Controls.config file is responsible for the configuration related to the integration of Coveo JS Framework in the Sitecore page editor.

  • The Analytics folder contains the Coveo.Analytics.xDB.config file which contains coveoAnalyticsPipeline pipeline configurations.

  • The XConnectDefinitions folder contains the CoveoEventModel, 1.0.json file which contains the representation of Coveo analytics events for Sitecore xConnect.