About the Cloud Platform Client Pipelines


The pipelines defined in the Coveo.CloudPlatformClient.config file are mostly error handling pipelines. The following table is a summary of all those pipelines.

Pipeline Purpose Description Processors included by default Is typically customized?
indexingRestExceptionHandler Handling indexing exceptions Amazon Lambda may throw exceptions when warming up or when receiving too many queries at once. This pipeline handles these errors. Coveo.CloudPlatformClient.Pipelines.WaitAndRetry
getSearchUserIdentities Query processing This pipeline is used to add identities to users so that they can access more documents in their queries. Coveo.CloudPlatformClient.Processors.GetSearchUserIdentities.AddAnonymousEmailUserIdentity



The wait and retry processor is used to wait and retry when an indexing call fails. The table below lists its properties:

Property name Description Default value
Interval The interval between each retries in milliseconds (ms). 2000
NumberOfRetry The number of unsuccessful retries to perform before giving up. 10
StatusCodes The HTTP error code the processor is run for. e.g., if the error code is 404, and StatusCodes doesn’t specifies 404, the processor will not retry the HTTP call. 429, 500, 503, 504


The AddAnonymousEmailUserIdentity processor automatically adds the anonymous identity to your users, allowing them access to public documents indexed from external sources.

Prior to the March 2021 release, the identity added by the AddAnonymousEmailUserIdentity processor was called anonymous@anonymous.

    <!-- The AddAnonymousEmailUserIdentity allows to retrieve the public documents from the external sources. -->
    <processor name="AddAnonymousEmailUserIdentity" type="Coveo.CloudPlatformClient.Processors.GetSearchUserIdentities.AddAnonymousEmailUserIdentity, Coveo.CloudPlatformClient" />
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