Overview of Field Management in the Coveo.SearchProvider.config File

The Coveo.SearchProvider.config file contains a few sections that allow you to control which fields are indexed by Coveo for Sitecore and how they’re handled by the underlying Coveo index. The file is located under <SITECORE_INSTANCE_ROOT>\Website\App_Config\Include\Coveo.

Section name Description
defaultIndexConfiguration/fieldMap/fieldNames[hint='raw:AddFieldByFieldName'] This section is used to define Sitecore field settings. This allows you to change the way Sitecore fields are handled by the Coveo index. For example, you may want to make the alltemplates field facetable, sortable, or free-text searchable.
defaultIndexConfiguration/fieldMap/externalFields[hint='raw:AddExternalField'] This section is used to define external fields, i.e. fields that don't exist in Sitecore, but that you may want to use with external content. For example, the Coveo system fields that you're interested in typically go in this section.
defaultIndexConfiguration/virtualFieldProcessors This section is used to define virtual fields, i.e. fields that don't exist in a search index, but that are dynamically mapped to some field or value while performing a query. For example, this can be used to implement facets with dynamic ranges (like dates and times).
defaultIndexConfiguration/fields[@hint='raw:AddComputedIndexField'] This section is used to define computed fields, i.e. fields that don't really exist in Sitecore, but that are dynamically created in your search indexes while indexing items. They're called "computed fields" because they generally perform some type of computation to determine the value of the new field.

Sitecore 7 to 8.0

Sitecore 8.1+

This section is used to define excluded fields, i.e. Sitecore fields that are excluded when indexing Sitecore items, so they don't end up in your search indexes. This allows you to speed up the indexing process.
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