Coveo for ServiceNow New Features

Coveo provides new features and enhancements through regularly scheduled updates. This article presents the main new features and enhancements for Coveo for ServiceNow administrators and users.

New features and enhancements are introduced via the following Coveo application releases:

New Features in Coveo Relevance Cloud Releases

February 17, 2021 Release

Use Custom Table Fields in User Criteria Records

Though Coveo for ServiceNow supports base user criteria permissions in ServiceNow, user criteria records with advanced permissions are not supported by default. If your ServiceNow source is configured to replicate the ServiceNow item permission system, you can use custom table fields in a ServiceNow user criteria record with advanced (scripted) permissions to replicate the ServiceNow user permissions and index who can access source items through a Coveo-powered search interface.

New Features in Coveo for ServiceNow Integration Releases

April 2022 Release (22.1.9)

See also the release notes

Support for Localized Strings in the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework

Coveo for ServiceNow search interfaces now leverage the default localized strings in the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework. This works by default if your ServiceNow language ID matches the language culture file key in the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework. If not, you can use the new getJsUiCultureMap extension point function to map to the appropriate language culture file.

Support for ServiceNow San Diego

Coveo for ServiceNow supports the ServiceNow San Diego release.

December 2021 Release (21.3.12)

See also the release notes

September 2021 Release (21.3.4)

See also the release notes

Support for ServiceNow Rome

Coveo for ServiceNow supports the ServiceNow Rome release.

September 2021 Release (21.2.51)

See also the release notes

Support for Coveo HIPAA Platform Organizations

You can now configure your ServiceNow instance to connect to an organization that is on the Coveo HIPAA Platform.

February 2021 Release (21.1.0)

See also the release notes

New Top Queries Widget

The Coveo Top Queries widget provides query recommendations to users visiting the page in which the widget is embedded.

June 2020 Release (1.1.0)

See also the release notes

Implement the Insight Panel in the New Agent Workspace Interface

If you use the new Agent Workspace interface released with Orlando, you can now implement the Coveo Insight Panel in its Contextual Side Panel. The Insight Panel then provides your agents with a search interface and proactive content recommendations powered by Coveo Machine Learning.

Agent Workspace new interface with Insight Panel in the Contextual Side Panel

Create a Field Blocklist for the Insight Panel

By default, all fields of record forms in which the Insight Panel is implemented are sent to Coveo when they are edited or when the agent makes a query. However, some fields may contain irrelevant or sensitive data that you don’t want to send to Coveo. In such a case, you can create an extension with the new getFieldsToIgnore function to specify the fields whose content shouldn’t be sent to Coveo.

This function is available for the Insight Panel when it is implemented in the classic Agent Workspace interface. With the new Agent Workspace interface, you can specify the fields to ignore as you configure the Insight Panel. You therefore don’t need to create an extension if you use this interface.

April 2020 Release (1.0.8)

See also the release notes

Use Extension Points to Customize Your Coveo for ServiceNow Deployment

You can use the Coveo for ServiceNow extension point to further customize certain aspects of your Coveo for ServiceNow deployment. This extension point makes it possible to:

  • Add custom JavaScript Search Framework options to your widgets

  • Provide custom translations to display in your Coveo for ServiceNow search interfaces

  • Add custom, additional data to the context sent to Coveo along with queries.

January 2020 Release (1.0.7)

See also the release notes

Power the Global Search Box With Coveo

You can now power the Now Platform UI search box with Coveo. This optional customization allows you to leverage the improved Coveo search experience while working in your ServiceNow instance.

Various New Widget Options

Several widget options have been added for more customization.

Case Deflection widget

  • The Minimum time between automatic queries box option allows you determine the time between each query the widget performs.

  • The Disable first load query option allows you to hide the Case Deflection widget until an end user types in the case creation form.

Recommendations widget

A title and a subtitle option have been added.

Searchbox widget

In the new Full Search Page ID box, you can specify the search interface in which you want the results to be displayed after an end user performs a query via a Searchbox widget.

All visible widgets

The Case Defection, Recommendations, Searchbox, and Main Search widgets now have a Display for anonymous users option. When this box is unchecked, these widgets are only visible to authenticated (logged-in) end users.

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