Coveo for ServiceNow FAQ

This page contains the most frequently asked questions about Coveo for ServiceNow.

Coveo for ServiceNow Deployment

With Which Versions of ServiceNow is Coveo for ServiceNow Compatible?

Coveo for ServiceNow is compatible with the London release and newer versions of ServiceNow.

How Do I Install Coveo for ServiceNow?

Follow the Coveo for ServiceNow Deployment Guide.

What’s the Coveo for ServiceNow Release Schedule?

Coveo for ServiceNow is released about a month after each ServiceNow release to maximize the potential of the Coveo for ServiceNow capabilities and integration.

Can I Deploy Coveo for ServiceNow Within a Development Environment?

Unfortunately, ServiceNow development organizations don’t allow trials. The only way to install Coveo for ServiceNow is to do it through our vendor instance, or through a regular customer organization or sandbox.

Does Coveo for ServiceNow Support the Agent Workspace?

The Agent Workspace doesn’t support third-party components right now. Contact the Coveo product management team if you’re interested in deploying in the Agent Workspace.

Yes. If you already have a Coveo Cloud organization linked to another Coveo product, you can link it to ServiceNow as well.

Does Coveo for ServiceNow Support ServiceNow Permissions?

Coveo for ServiceNow doesn’t currently support ServiceNow permissions. However, you can replicate these permissions using query filters (see Configuring Coveo Query Filters).

Other Coveo for ServiceNow Questions

I Am Being Denied Access to a Coveo Organization From Within ServiceNow. What Can I Do?

Ensure that you were invited to a Coveo Cloud organization. You can log in to your organization using one of the single sign-on options (see Logging in Using Single Sign-On). Check with the person who invited you that the email address they provided is the same as the one you’re using to sign in.

Can I Add a Recommendation Component to an Article Page?

Right now, it can be done as a custom implementation.

I Can’t Edit an Object in my Organization. What’s Happening?

This is likely an issue with the scope. If you use the Madrid release or an earlier version of ServiceNow, it’s possible you don’t see the option allowing you to change the scope of your current page, which prevents you from editing its content. Try to change the scope of the desired object:

  1. Navigate back to any main page.

  2. Click the gear icon.

  3. Navigate to the Developer tab.

  4. Change the Application value to the scope of the object you’re trying to edit. If you don’t know it, try Global and Coveo_1.00 first.

    Application drop-down menu

I Am Not Familiar With ServiceNow. Where Should I Start?

Coveo recommends reading the ServiceNow documentation and has therefore picked several pages that will help you understand key concepts of Coveo for ServiceNow. You must however ensure to read the documentation corresponding to the version of ServiceNow you use.

In addition, ServiceNow has a partner portal offering further information. Ask your IT department for an access to this environment.

Madrid Release

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Kingston Release

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