Customize Your Coveo for ServiceNow Deployment

Once you have deployed Coveo for ServiceNow, the solution is fully operational. There are also optional ways to further customize your Coveo for ServiceNow deployment.

Throttle the Coveo for ServiceNow Indexing Process

If the Coveo for ServiceNow indexing process has a noticeable impact on the server hosting your ServiceNow instance, you can limit the number of REST API requests processed hourly.

Use Extension Points to Customize Your Coveo for ServiceNow Deployment

You can use the Coveo for ServiceNow extension point to further customize certain aspects of your Coveo for ServiceNow deployment. This extension point makes it possible to:

  • Add custom JavaScript Search Framework options to your widgets.

  • Add custom mapping between a ServiceNow language ID and a Coveo JavaScript Search Framework language culture file key for localization of Coveo for ServiceNow search interfaces.

  • Provide custom translations to display in your Coveo for ServiceNow search interfaces.

  • Add custom, additional data to the context sent to Coveo along with queries.

  • Customize the fields that trigger or don’t trigger a query when using the Insight Panel.

  • Modify the payload when generating an authentication search token from the Insight Panel search interface.

Implement a "Create a Knowledge Article" Button

You can implement a "Create a Knowledge Article" button to allow support agents to create knowledge articles while viewing an incident or a case.

Use Custom Table Fields in User Criteria Records

You can use custom table fields in a ServiceNow user criteria record with advanced (scripted) permissions to replicate the ServiceNow user permissions and index who can access source items in a Coveo-powered search interface.

Index ServiceNow Knowledge Blocks

You can configure your source to make the content of ServiceNow knowledge blocks searchable in a Coveo search interface.