About Analytics

Legacy feature

This article pertains to achieving relevance with the Coveo Hive framework. Coveo Hive is now in maintenance mode.

See Achieve relevance for guidance on leveraging Coveo relevance features with the Coveo Atomic library.

Recording user interactions within Coveo-powered search interfaces and website page views is a prerequisite to achieving relevance. Though this is true with any Coveo product, Coveo for Sitecore and Sitecore combine to take this several steps further.

The Analytics Basics section of this article differentiates Coveo from Sitecore analytics, explaining how and why Coveo for Sitecore uses both.

This About Analytics section of the documentation is broken down into two subsections, the first grouping articles about Coveo Usage Analytics logging and monitoring, the second containing articles that explain how to send duplicates of Coveo usage analytics events to Sitecore analytics and where to track this information within Sitecore.

Analytics Basics

One must first understand that Coveo for Sitecore and Sitecore record analytics data separately, and that recording both Coveo and Sitecore analytics serve different purposes.

Coveo Analytics Logging and Uses

Coveo for Sitecore can log two types of usage analytics events:

Coveo for Sitecore logs analytics events in the Coveo Platform, where they serve two main purposes:

Sitecore Analytics Logging and Uses

Sitecore too collects analytics and provides applications to report on its data. Though, by default, Coveo Usage Analytics events aren’t recorded in Sitecore analytics, Coveo for Sitecore provides a mechanism that lets you send a Sitecore-formatted duplicate of Coveo-powered search interface events to the Sitecore xDB reporting database. This is achieved by adding two renderings to the Coveo for Sitecore search interface:

Coveo for Sitecore leverages Sitecore analytics primarily for personalization purposes, as you’ll see in the upcoming relevance documentation sections.

Breakdown of the Content in This Section

The content in this documentation section is divided based on the system (that is, Coveo or Sitecore) in which analytics are recorded.

The Coveo Usage Analytics Section

The Coveo Usage Analytics article provides information on the types of usage analytics events that you can log and how you can access that data in Coveo.

The Log custom metadata in Hive search interface usage analytics events article contains instructions on configuring the Coveo for Sitecore Analytics rendering to log custom metadata in search page events.

The Log View Events article explains how you can record page views using the Coveo Page View Analytics rendering.

The Sitecore Analytics Section

You can record Coveo-powered search page events in Sitecore analytics. The Record Coveo Events in Sitecore Analytics explains how this is achieved.

Coveo for Sitecore can log some native Sitecore events, while many other search-related events are added by Coveo.

Information in Coveo analytics events can be added or modified, and custom events can also be recorded by adding processors to the coveoAnalyticsPipeline. You can also customize the caption of events that are displayed in the Sitecore Experience Profile.

Finally, the section provides instructions on querying the Sitecore xDB database to validate Coveo search interface events are properly logged, and on recording events in an external database.