Review Content Behind Dashboard Cards

After you add usage analytics cards to your dashboard, especially visual cards such as line, pie, and bar chart cards, you may want to explore the data behind the graphics.

Therefore, you can convert most dashboard cards (except trend and metric cards) into a usage analytics explorer, to test card configuration changes before officially applying them, or to perform a more in-depth review of the card content, adding more filters or concepts as necessary.

Review Content Behind Dashboard Cards

  1. Access a dashboard.

  2. In the upper-right corner of a time series, table, map, trend, pie chart, or bar chart, or packed bubble card, click Explore-Data.


    Your card is temporarily converted in a usage analytics explorer in which the same dashboard global filters and period to review are applied.

  3. In the Data Explorer, you can perform the same actions as in a normal usage analytics explorer (see Review and Manage Explorers), such as:


    • Manage explorer global filters;

    • Modify the period to review;

    • Manage table card filters;

    • Manage table card dimensions and metrics.

    Every change you make in this window doesn’t affect the dashboard configuration when you return.

  4. Once you’re done:

    • Download the table content in a CSV file by clicking Download-as-CSV at the bottom-right corner.


    • Return to the report by pressing Esc or clicking outside the window or the X in the upper-right corner.

Required Privileges

The following table indicates the required privileges to view and edit dashboards from the Reports page and associated panels (see Manage Privileges and Privilege Reference).

Access to dashboards or part of their content may be further restricted as a function of the member (see Manage Access to Usage Analytics Reports and Manage Permission Filters).

Action Service - Domain Required access level
View dashboard

Analytics - Analytics data

Analytics - Dimensions

Analytics - Reports

Edit dashboard

Analytics - Analytics data

Analytics - Dimensions

Analytics - Reports Edit
Analytics - Administrate Allowed

What’s Next?

When your tests are conclusive, officially make your modifications on the dashboard card.

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