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Smart snippets example

The Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) Smart Snippets feature provides users with answers to their queries directly on the results page by displaying a snippet of the most relevant result item. This allows users to quickly find answers without having to open links from the results page.

Specifically, the Coveo ML Smart Snippets feature scans the items returned by the index to find which one is the most relevant according to the query. This item is then pushed to the top of the results list and its result template displays the content that is the most likely to answer the query.

The feature also provides additional questions and topics in a "Related Content" section that users can click to find further information related to their query without leaving the results page.

Members with the required privileges can configure and manage Coveo ML Smart Snippets.

Coveo ML Smart Snippets is currently only available for organizations whose primary deployment region is US East.

How Does Coveo ML Smart Snippets Work?

To provide users with the most relevant snippet of content, Coveo ML Smart Snippets leverages a machine learning algorithm that computes a similarity score between a user query and the headings of the items in a results list. If the similarity score meets a predefined minimum threshold, Coveo ML Smart Snippets uses the content attached to the header that matches the user query, and renders the information in the related search result.

Coveo ML Smart Snippets returns snippets of content for HTML items only.


In your support website, you have an FAQ page that is configured to leverage Coveo ML Smart Snippets. The FAQs appear on the page as headers (within <h2> tags) whereas the answers appear in paragraphs (within <p> tags).

One of the FAQs that appears on the page is: How to synchronize my Speedbit with my computer?

A user accesses your support website’s main page and enters the following query in the search bar: Synchronizing Speedbit with computer.

Since the Smart Snippets model calculated a high similarity score between the user query and the How to synchronize my Speedbit with my computer? header, the user obtains the FAQ page as the top result. The result template also displays the content that appears in the paragraph attached to the How to synchronize my Speedbit with my computer? header on the FAQ page.

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