Migrate to organization endpoints

Until 2023, depending on where your primary deployment region was located, Coveo for Sitecore used region-specific endpoints to send API requests to Coveo. To improve separation of concerns, resiliency, and make multi-region and data residency deployments smoother, Coveo introduced organization endpoints.

Coveo recommends that you move to organization endpoints, even if you currently only have one deployment region.

This article explains how to determine whether your Coveo for Sitecore instance is using organization endpoints or region-specific endpoints, and how to migrate to organization endpoints.

Organization endpoint versus region-specific endpoint URLs

On the Coveo Cloud Organization page in the Command Center, look at the URLs listed under Platform Endpoints to determine whether your Coveo for Sitecore instance is using organization endpoints or region-specific endpoints. The Coveo Cloud Organization page is accessible at https://<INSTANCE_HOSTNAME>/coveo/command-center/index.html#cloud-organization/.

Organization endpoint URLs

Organization endpoints are custom, region-agnostic endpoints whose URLs begin with your organization ID.

Organization endpoints
Figure 1. Command Center showing organization endpoints (the organization ID in this example is someorgq5r10yzu)

Region-specific endpoints URLs

Region-specific endpoints don’t include URLs beginning with your organization ID. For regions other than the US, the endpoint URLs include the region code (for example, eu for Europe, au for Australia).

Region-specific endpoints
Figure 2. Command Center showing region-specific endpoints (Australia region endpoints shown here)

Migrate to organization endpoints

If your Coveo for Sitecore instance is using region-specific endpoints, you can migrate to organization endpoints by following the steps below.

  1. If you want to have satellite region(s) created for your Coveo organization, contact Coveo Sales.

  2. In the Command Center, open the Coveo Cloud Organization page.

  3. Click Log in.

  4. Log in to your Coveo organization.

  5. Click Apply and Restart.

  6. Allowlist the new endpoint URLs.

    1. Access the Coveo Cloud Organization page of the Command Center at https://<INSTANCE_HOSTNAME>/coveo/command-center/index.html#cloud-organization/.

    2. In the Platform Endpoints section, click copy16px.

    3. Paste the list of new endpoint URLs in your network security system allowed addresses list.