Send Coveo Analytics to Sitecore xConnect

Coveo for Sitecore packages for Sitecore 9 and 10 versions ship with files required to enable sending Coveo Analytics events to Sitecore xConnect.

Enabling the events requires some manual steps that involve both your Sitecore and xConnect instances.

To enable sending Coveo Analytics events to Sitecore xConnect

  1. In your Sitecore instance file system, navigate to App_Config/Modules/Coveo/XConnectDefinitions.

  2. In another file explorer window, open the file system of your Sitecore xConnect instance and navigate to App_Data/Models.

  3. Copy all JSON files from the XConnectDefinitions folder into the Models folder of your xConnect instance. Repeat this step for all your xConnect instances.

  4. In your Sitecore instance, navigate back to App_Config/Modules/Coveo/Analytics.

  5. Activate the xConnect configuration file by removing the .disabled extension of the Coveo.Analytics.XConnect.config.disabled file.

You can now include the Send Analytics To Sitecore component in your page to send analytics to the Sitecore xConnect service.