Product Integrations and Extensions

This article presents the available features for the various Coveo product integrations and extensions based on product plan.


Coveo offers native UI integrations with Sitecore, ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Zendesk. Each customer has access to the following features based on the product integration and plan.

Product integration Feature Plan
Base Pro Enterprise
Coveo for Sitecore1 Sitecore connector
Experience Editor integration
Content recommendations
Rule Set Editor in Sitecore
xDB integration
Coveo for Salesforce2 Insight Panel N/A
Salesforce package N/A
Salesforce connector N/A
Coveo for ServiceNow3 Insight Panel N/A N/A
ServiceNow package N/A N/A
ServiceNow connector N/A N/A
Coveo for Zendesk3 Insight Panel N/A N/A
Zendesk package N/A N/A
Zendesk connector N/A N/A

1: Contact Coveo Sales to upgrade your product plan.

2: Available in Pro and Enterprise editions. Contact Coveo Sales to upgrade your product plan.

3: Available only in Enterprise edition.


Coveo product extensions are use-case specific features that enhance your existing product plan for ecommerce, agent-assisted service, and self-service. Each customer has access to the features based on the extension type and product plan.

Product extension type Feature Plan
Base Pro Enterprise
Ecommerce Smart catalog indexing - catalog manager
Commerce reports (attribution dashboards)
Catalog - store availability management (B2C)
Catalog - entitlement management (B2B)
Product Recommendations models
Service - Self-Service Case deflection
Intelligent Term Detection (ITD)
Community recommendations
Case Assist
In-Product Experience Add-on available Add-on available
Smart Snippets
Service - Agents Full search page
Intelligent Term Detection (ITD)
User Actions API
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