V1 2017 releases

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This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced throughout 2017.

The latest changes are available in Release notes.

July 2017 maintenance release (v1.2537.35)

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Issue number Case Maintenance case
JSUI-1927 00039886 Fixed issue causing certain events to not be fired when using jQuery to process events

July 2017 maintenance release (v1.2537.33)

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Issue number Bug fix

 Fixed issue preventing tab navigation from working properly on Internet Explorer and Safari

July 2017 maintenance release (v1.2537.31)

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Issue number Bug fixes

Hide the recommendations component when there are no results

JSUI-1579 Add missing French translations
JSUI-1623 Fixed facet slider rendering issue when using a date field
JSUI-1777 Fixed issue where the data-expression filter was not applied when selecting Show More

July 2017 minor release (v1.2537.24)

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Issue number New feature
 JSUI-1714  Return Promise when logging click event or custom event in AnalyticsClient
Issue number Bug fixes

Fixed issue with Pager when folding is used on a result page


Fixed issue causing query suggestions not to send network requests when clicked under certain circumstances


Fixed issue when logging analytics events with both search-as-you-type and did-you-mean features enabled

June 2017 maintenance release (v1.2537.21)

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Issue number Bug fixes

Fixed issue preventing + and & characters from being highlighted


Fixed issue with Tab navigation

JSUI-1589 Fixed French string localization
JSUI-1598 Fixed Standalone Searchbox redirection in Internet Explorer 11

May 2017 minor release (v1.2537.19)

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Issue number New features
JSUI-1531  Added support for Usage Analytics Origin Context in the Coveo for Salesforce
SC-1863 Allow custom ranges for FacetSlider and FacetRange when the automatic ranges can’t be computed

April 2017 release (v1.2537.7)

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Issue number New features

Future official Coveo JavaScript Search Framework build resources will now be uploaded on S3 and made available through a CDN (see JavaScript Search Framework CDN links)


Set enableQuerySuggestAddon to true by default in the Omnibox


Can now specify the XmlHttpRequest implementation to use in the EndpointCaller

JSUI-1452 Removed an unused GUID creation call from the constructor of QueryBuilder
JSUI-1463 The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework now supports Lightning Locker in Coveo for Salesforce
JSUI-1466 Changed the @uniqueid field used for usage analytics reporting to @permanentid
JSUI-1509 Improved ease of configuration when using a standalone Recommendation component in a page
JSUI-1552 The @permanentid field is now always included in the fields to include (like @urihash)
Issue number Bug fixes

[Facet]: (Fixed) Change the Clear facet state icon in the Settings menu.

JSUI-1320 [Facet]: (Fixed) Excluding an item in a facet search box doesn't reflect correctly in the facet.
JSUI-1322 (Fixed) CoreHelpers use the default options rather than their own specific helper options.
JSUI-1346 [JavaScript Interface Editor] (Fixed): Facet isn't pushed to the top automatically.
JSUI-1390 (Fixed) Search behavior isn't normal when q contains "*star*" .
JSUI-1402 [Card layout] (Fixed) Icon size isn't standard.
JSUI-1403 [Card layout] (Fixed) Footer section is too close to result content body.
JSUI-1436 [FacetSlider] (Fixed) Selecting a range with no results can cause Internet Explorer to crash.
JSUI-1439 [Facet] (Fixed) Clicking in the facet search box hides it.
JSUI-1444 [Card layout] (Fixed) Backdrop component should add ytthumbnailurl to the list of fieldsToInclude.
JSUI-1446 (Fixed) Clicking the printableUri link of a SharePoint Online result doesn't open the link due to an uncaught PreconditionFailedException.
JSUI-1457 [Card layout] (Fixed) Can't navigate to Follow option in actionBar of a Card.
JSUI-1461 [Card layout] (Fixed) Infinite scrolling shows blank spaces after a "page".
JSUI-1462 [ResultList] (Fixed): Infinite scrolling causes endless requests for more items.
JSUI-1472 [Card layout - IE11 - Edge] (Fixed) Clicking a Youtube title opens two windows.
JSUI-1473 [Mobile] (Fixed) The card template box is too small for Details section.
JSUI-1476 [Mobile] (Fixed) AdvancedSearch dropdown menu doesn't close when you click outside of the box.
JSUI-1485 [Omnibox] (Fixed) Result list selected effect on hover isn't working properly.
JSUI-1488 [JavaScript Interface Editor] (Fixed) Adding FacetSort = NoSort causes Can't read property 'name' of undefined error.
JSUI-1489 [ResultsPreferences] (Fixed) Disabling an option in the component after it was set by the end user causes assert error.
JSUI-1492 (Fixed) No informative message when option value is above maximum or below minimum value.
JSUI-1493 [FacetSlider] (Fixed) Color of slider bar doesn't update correctly after Cancel Last action.
JSUI-1508 (Fixed) "SelectAll" string can't be translated.
JSUI-1514 [FacetSlider]: (Fixed) Incorrect graph rendering when range value can be a single point with no x axis width.
JSUI-1516 [ResultAttachments] (Fixed) Icons aren't displayed correctly.
JSUI-1522 [ResultLayout] (Fixed) Selector text and icon alignment issue.
JSUI-1523 (Fixed) Follow query alert message not accurate when value is excluded in facet.
JSUI-1525 [FacetRange] (Fixed) Unwanted behavior of FacetRange @date when result template also contains FieldValue = @date.
JSUI-1528 (Fixed) Hover not working properly when including facets in Omnibox.
JSUI-1540 [Folding] (Fixed) Component carries first result value from page to page, therefore shows no result after first one.
JSUI-1542 [Mobile] (Fixed) FacetSlider graphic isn't visible on first load.
JSUI-1544 [AdvancedSearch] (Fixed) Text overlaps with arrow button on dropdown menu.
JSUI-1545 [AdvancedSearch] (Fixed) Should request more values for .
JSUI-1547 (Fixed) Exclude facet creates two UA custom events with incorrect actionCause name
JSUI-1549 (Fixed) Weird behavior of template loading while changing between card and list view.
JSUI-1554 (Fixed) ResultTagging fails when adding many tags.

March 2017 maintenance release (v1.2359.14)


[JSUI-1486] - Miscellaneous improvement to ease the job of the Interface Editor when dealing with result layouts

Bug fix

[JSUI-1484] - Fixed duplicate Facet title problem in Salesforce integration default template

March 2017 release (v1.2359.7)

To download this release:

Issue number New features
JSUI-1149 Ported code to TypeScript 2.0
JSUI-1315 Coveo™ Machine Learning suggestions should now use context from the PipelineContext component
JSUI-1323 Result templates: added support for Content Security Policies
JSUI-1366 Card layout: enabled keyboard navigation and selection
JSUI-1423 ResultsPreferences component: changed default value of enableOpenInOutlook option to false
JSUI-1427 Standalone searchbox: made it easier to configure # in parameters
JSUI-1431 Added delay to interface width check when it’s evaluated to zero on load
JSUI-1438 Added support for localized string in placeholder input
JSUI-1443 AdvancedSearch component: made generated queries more robust
JSUI-1445 FacetSlider component: removed SVG support check
JSUI-1468 Added default value for “properties” when parsing default Underscore and HTML templates
Issue number Bug fixes

Fixed strange behavior in Internet Explorer only for the initial query on page load

JSUI-1401 CardOverlay component: made hyperlink text color easier to read
JSUI-1418 Thumbnail component: setting ResultLink options should now work properly when clickable is true
JSUI-1428 Fixed: Culture files not working
JSUI-1436 FacetSlider component: selecting a range with no results should no longer cause IE to hang or crash
JSUI-1442 Fixed: AdvancedSearch dropdown menu doesn't close when clicking outside of the box
JSUI-1447 Fixed: computeCssClass
JSUI-1455 Fixed: FacetSlider throws "ReferenceError: TouchEvent isn't defined" on FF and IE 11
JSUI-1470 Fixed: Card template graphic issue with Safari - El Capitan

February 2017 maintenance release (v1.2126.8)

Bug fix

[JSUI-1440] - Result templates used for folding are affected by leading whitespace.

February 2017 maintenance release (v1.2126.6)

Bug fix

[JSUI-1429] - Default templates don’t load when script tags are included in result templates.

February 2017 release (v1.2126.4)

The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework is available on npm (see Coveo JavaScript Search Framework).

The TypeScript Component documentation generated from the code is available on GitHub (see Coveo JavaScript Search Framework - Reference Documentation).


[JSUI-862] - Add new layout for ResultList (see Result Layouts)

[JSUI-1210] - Log proper analytics event when query suggest selection comes from external search box

[JSUI-1297] - Query Suggest - Change behavior depending on whether enableSearchAsYouType is true.

[JSUI-1298] - Query Suggest - Change behavior of <tab>

[JSUI-1299] - Query Suggest - Remove shadow text

[JSUI-1300] - Omnibox - Don’t show query suggestions when changing app or tab focus

[JSUI-1363] - Card layout: Remove blue hover CSS when there’s no ActionBar

[JSUI-1364] - Card layout: Add action for YouTube templates

[JSUI-1365] - Card layout: Adjust look of sort + layout section for mobile display

[JSUI-1366] - Card layout: Enable navigation / selection with keyboard on layout selector

[JSUI-1370] - Card layout: Log analytics event on layout change

Bug fixes

[JSUI-1247] - When there’s a FacetSlider with a graph inside a CoveoBoxPopup, it tries to set it to a negative height and crashes

[JSUI-1251] - Quickview with data-template-id is broken when using RequireJS

[JSUI-1269] - Indexless: Long Facet title causes misalignment of title and “x” button

[JSUI-1287] - Result binding with jQuery in result list: should provide jQuery binding if possible

[JSUI-1304] - SearchAlerts components don’t log analytics events

[JSUI-1313] - Non-Matching type error when launching a query with special characters leads to another page

[JSUI-1321] - Anchor TemplateHelper is broken

[JSUI-1324] - ManageAlert button should be invisible when GuestUser accesses CommunityPage

[JSUI-1328] - Al-Double Click not working as expected with Cloud V2 Sources

[JSUI-1329] - FacetSlider: Text shouldn’t move to center when no result found.

[JSUI-1332] - alwaysOpenResultsInNewWindow=true doesn’t work for Recommendation items

[JSUI-1339] - Recommendation hideIfNoResults doesn’t work in responsive mode

[JSUI-1340] - Unable to slide the FacetBar in MobilePhone

[JSUI-1351] - FacetSlider should be hidden completely when there’s no data

[JSUI-1358] - HighlightStreamHTML (CoreHelpers) incorrectly assumes that termsToHighlight is an array

[JSUI-1367] - External search box with OldOmniboxAddon doesn’t trigger event correctly

[JSUI-1369] - PDF quickviews on iOs are cropped

[JSUI-1373] - Responsive mode: Facet breadcrumbs are misaligned.

[JSUI-1375] - CaseCreation: Header tab styling is broken after window browser is resized

[JSUI-1398] - Toggling icon should be moved closer to Settings icon

[JSUI-1401] - New Template: Color of the text when Expand Box Details isn’t consistent

[JSUI-1412] - MobileView: Missing FacetSettingsIcons in Mobile View when Facet title is long

[JSUI-1413] - MangeAlert buttons are hidden in Mobile View

[JSUI-1419] - HistoryController.setHashValues : Can’t read property ‘toString’ of undefined

January 2017 maintenance release (v1.1865.18)

Bug fix

[JSUI-1455] - FacetSlider component throws a ReferenceError: TouchEvent isn't defined error on Firefox and Internet Explorer 11

January 2017 maintenance release (v1.1865.16)

Bug fixes

[JSUI-1260] - Facet search issue when using old CSS component

[JSUI-1318] - Facet expand makes values disappear in Facet

January 2017 maintenance release (v1.1865.13)


[SFINT-136] - Move the case deflection keywords to the lq query parameter

Bug fixes

[JSUI-1277] - Query Suggestion strange behavior with the “ç” character

[JSUI-1377] - Expanding a folding relation doesn’t send the fieldsToInclude

[JSUI-1378] - Cookie size issue for SFDC

January 2017 release (v1.1865.9)

The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework is available on npm (see Coveo JavaScript Search Framework).

The TypeScript Component documentation generated from the code is available on GitHub (see Coveo JavaScript Search Framework - Reference Documentation).


[JSUI-1083] - Add OOTB CSS to Coveo™ Machine Learning recommendations on mobile devices

[JSUI-1159] - Allow minor version updates of the coveomagicbox dependency

[JSUI-1164] - Add textCaption option to FieldValue component

[JSUI-1205] - Add Dynamics CRM ResultList templates

[JSUI-1210] - Log proper search cause when selecting suggestion from standalone search box

[JSUI-1219] - Simplify Recommendation component usage

[JSUI-1231] - Report item clicks using the @uniqueid field when available (rather than using the @urihash field)

[JSUI-1239] - Replace “en” language strings properly in Interface Editor’s localization editor

[JSUI-1250] - Provide better description for query subscriptions with facets

[JSUI-1270] - Update default icons for Salesforce objects

[JSUI-1314] - Add titleTemplate option to ResultLink component

Bug fixes

[JSUI-1121] - Using a Facet slider in responsive mode, errors when applied filter has no results

[JSUI-1127] - Cancel last action when no result found doesn’t work

[JSUI-1142] - Facet slider sends queries with no end date

[JSUI-1143] - Facet option still displayed when not selected

[JSUI-1146] - Using keyboard to exclude Facet value causes jQuery error

[JSUI-1148] - Update Plop generator to make linter quite content

[JSUI-1167] - Can’t resolve the result being currently rendered if it comes from Quickview

[JSUI-1171] - Changing tab doesn’t reset scroll of infinite scrolling container

[JSUI-1191] - Facet title text overflowing

[JSUI-1193] - History set incorrectly when first query comes from external link

[JSUI-1197] - Recommendation linked to main search interface should set autoTriggerQuery to false automatically

[JSUI-1198] - Recommendation can remain stuck in “display none” mode when query returns no result

[JSUI-1200] - Regex to open the alt+doubleclick too restrictive and doesn’t handle non-match well

[JSUI-1213] - Can’t read property ‘charCode’ of undefined

[JSUI-1220] - Interface Editor missing strings V2

[JSUI-1221] - Text missing inside Settings dropdown panel when using Firefox

[JSUI-1230] - Second click logged in Recommendation should use pipeline from main search interface

[JSUI-1232] - Issue in Omnibox when using OOTB and custom list of items

[JSUI-1254] - Enable collapse button still showing collapse option when unclicked

[JSUI-1260] - Facet search issue when using old CSS component

[JSUI-1263] - Init externalComponents option doesn’t accept jQuery objects

[JSUI-1275] - Recommendation component can’t be hidden with tab-not

[JSUI-1288] - coveo-term-for-quickview-down-arrow doesn’t scroll Quickview

[JSUI-1293] - Infinite scroll not working in IE

[JSUI-1307] - Possible globalize.js conflict introduced in recent update of the JS Search Framework

[JSUI-1311] - Unable to open source item from title link on Quickview in Salesforce Full Search Panel

[JSUI-1313] - Non-Matching type error when launching query with special characters leads to another page

[JSUI-1340] - Unable to use Facet component slider button on mobile device

[JSUI-1350] - Unable to scroll down the list using keyboard in Facet component