V1 2015 releases

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This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced throughout 2015.

The latest changes are available in Release notes.

December 2015 release (v1.0.273)

The new design that has been implemented can introduce some changes. Refer to the documentation if you encounter any problems regarding this new design.


[JSUI-320] - Trigger preprocessResults event when show-more button is clicked [Folding use case]

[JSUI-321] - When editing a template in the Interface Editor, the title of the template is always visible

[JSUI-323] - ChangeAnalyticsCustomData ClickEvent: provide reference to clicked result

$('#search').on('changeAnalyticsCustomData', function(e, args){
    args.metaObject.foo = e.resultData.raw.bar;

[JSUI-324] - A new property has been added to the Thumbnail component, also accessible in Interface Editor, that displays the QuickView when the thumbnail is clicked

[JSUI-337] - The Badge component now supports text colors in the Interface Editor

[JSUI-264] - You can now easily retrieve a result from a selector (this retrieves only one result, not many elements)

$('.flights .CoveoExcerpt').coveo('result')

[JSUI-278] - The Omnibox has new options to get query suggestions: enableTopQueryAddon and enableRevealQuerySuggestAddon

[JSUI-309] - Rendering time of the components has been improved

[JSUI-336] - The ResultList component now has an accessible field list in the Interface Editor

[JSUI-361] - The Triggers component is now invisible by default

Bug fixes

[JSUI-208] - $, representing jQuery, was used instead of Coveo.$, causing an Uncaught TypeError

[JSUI-235] - An additional filter was not correctly handled on Facet when there was a constant query override

[JSUI-236] - FacetSlider resize produced and unexpected behavior

[JSUI-240] - The XMLHttpRequest response type was set too late and produced the error: MESSAGE: Uncaught Error: INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11

[JSUI-245] - The Pager component displays too many pages

[JSUI-259] - If a Coveo organization creation fails when created from the Salesforce Integration, it displays an unclear error message

[JSUI-303] - A UI error could occur after logging in SF Winter ‘15 release

[JSUI-327] - The Facet Select all doesn’t behave as expected and affects  the “More” and “Fewer” features

[JSUI-350] - When using the Omnibox, selecting a facet removes all results from the query

[JSUI-362] - The Triggers component doesn’t do redirections

[JSUI-373] - Unsupported JavaScript statements in IE8 prevent the UI to initialize

[JSUI-271] - Trying to save a Visualforce property, like {!AccountId}, in the Pipeline Context/Query doesn’t work

[JSUI-308] - BoxEditor drag and drop Tabs create an offset glitch with the last element

[JSUI-316] - BoxQueryGeneric.handleBuildingQuery may break the init of the SearchInterface in the Interface Editor if the queryBuilder.advancedExpression.add has an empty expression to add

[JSUI-328] - The FacetSlider render flickers when the cursor reaches the last step at the right

[JSUI-333] - ExportToExcel error when executed within the Interface Editor

[JSUI-335] - Can’t click the facet value in the Interface Editor

[JSUI-353] - The “Query” field for the Query component is only available in advanced mode

[JSUI-354] - In a Box, the “No Results” display appears above the stuff that it’s supposed to be on

[JSUI-360] - AnalyticsEndpoint.sendEventToApi executes an infinite loop and never returns the deferred

[JSUI-369] - Can’t use sliders in the Interface Editor in edit mode

[JSUI-375] - The documented questionMarks query parameter name has a typo (see Query parameters)

[JSUI-385] - Click overlay close the QuickView and should remove id from url

[JSUI-393] - Mobile facet search select all doesn’t leave facet search view

[JSUI-422] - Quick View on an attachment when expanding a conversation opens the top email

[JSUI-439] - Triggers - Query doesn’t trigger a query

[JSUI-443] - The Label is no longer bold when ordering a Facet by Label Descending

[JSUI-448] - The facet search doesn’t work on mobile for the desktop page

[JSUI-450] - The enableWildcards option isn’t correctly documented in the Interface Editor

[JSUI-451] - Facet and Tabs menu can’t be opened on mobile

[JSUI-459] - The @printableuri isn’t rendering right in Firefox

[JSUI-471] - Display issue with the tab menu in a Coveo Mobile Search page

[JSUI-488] - Insight Panel: Search-as-you-type delay is set to 2k per default, but it’s too long

[JSUI-509] - Facet / Sort component in box -> font-size 0

November 2015 release (v1.0.139)


[JSUI-25] - New Case Creation page customizable with the Interface Editor

[JSUI-129] - Admins can add contextual values (key/value pairs) in the Interface Editor

[JSUI-182] - Add analytics events to the triggers (notify, execute, redirect)

[JSUI-43] - Add “Export to Excel” component [JSUI-6] - Collaborative Rating: Component easier to configure[JSUI-9] - Detailed error message[JSUI-146] - Add a tooltip on Result Actions when they’re in inline mode

[JSUI-148] - Hide facet if only one value (default)

[JSUI-189] - Remove support for executing new query through QPL notifications

Bug fixes

* [JSUI-254] - XSS vulnerability on searching for “<script>alert("hey")</script>

[JSUI-7] - Values are cropped in Matrix component

[JSUI-19] - Possible to do Template-ception then freeze the browser

[JSUI-42] - Fix drag&drop shadow style of Matrix Component in Interface Editor

[JSUI-44] - Facet don’t show properly on the Mobile page

[JSUI-62] - Strange scrolling on mobile page

[JSUI-65] - sendCustomEvent method fails when results response is returned after a few seconds

[JSUI-73] - Scrollbar disappears when you activate/deactivate one of the Preference > Link Opening Settings option

[JSUI-85] - The Standalone Searchbox is sending a UA request when it shouldn’t

[JSUI-139] - Interface Editor doesn’t work with IE10 since mobile page creation support

[JSUI-149] - Matrix Component may break the UI when moving mouse cursor faster than the re-render: Uncaught TypeError: Can't read property '0' of undefined

[JSUI-161] - Bad string in Searchbox Header displays a variable in the watermark

[JSUI-164] - No facet title with the mobile CSS

[JSUI-174] - Interface Editor duplicate component

[JSUI-175] - The search in debug panel is really slow

[JSUI-201] - CSS + Layout issues that prevent the normal use of the mobile pages on phones/tablets

[JSUI-226] - anonymous flag prevents pipeline A/B testing from working

[JSUI-276] - Interface Editor has issue with pointer-event:none in IE10

[JSUI-286] - Quickview displays dates and X buttons with offsets

[JSUI-289] - Adding a new matrix component in the Interface Editor produces an invalid query and returns a json error instead of results

[JSUI-291] - FieldSuggestions with AnalyticsSuggestions but no Analytics component, no suggestions will ever render

[JSUI-48] - highlightStreamText: highlighting issues with keywords that have dashes

[JSUI-170] - The “state” handler was not loading properly and reloading a search on page 3 was refreshed on page 1

[JSUI-205] - JavaScript Search Framework Component value changes on page refresh

[JSUI-244] - JavaScript Search Framework Analytics module doesn’t support many interfaces

[JSUI-253] - Page load behavior when click to go back in web browser

[JSUI-255] - 3rd level of hierarchical facet isn’t ticked by default

September 2015 release (v1.0.59)


  • The ResultLink component was using clickUri, but now uses the href attribute if any when reporting the clickUri for analytics

  • Matrix component minor visual improvements

  • The Interface Editor Delete button now has its “Delete” / “Sure” behavior improved

  • The Interface Editor now allows to delete components that have components, like the ResultList component

  • New option on the Quickview component to display it even if there’s no HtmlVersion property on the item

  • The DebugPanel has been refactored to display results data in a more efficient way

Bug fixes

  •  [JSUI-4] - Close (X) button in the Quick View doesn’t work well on iOS

  •  [JSUI-60] - The JavaScript Search Framework crashes when using the minified version of the fastclick lib

  •  [JSUI-65] - The sendCustomEvent method fails when the result response is returned after some seconds

  •  [JSUI-66] - The drag and drop produces some visual glitches in the box editor

  •  [JSUI-69] - The facet expand action from the menu isn’t available after collapsing the facet

  •  [JSUI-71] - The enabled facet toggling operator has CSS “display: none;

  •  [JSUI-73] - The scrollbar disappears when you active/deactive one of preference->Link Opening Settings

  •  [JSUI-74] - Error: “Can’t read left of undefined” on moving the mouse left after clicking the Edit link from the up arrow of the Interface Editor

  •  [JSUI-75] - Tab data-endpoint / endpoint attr / option not working on mobile

  •  [JSUI-78] - Selected tab ends up in filter query sent to full search page, but should not

  •  [JSUI-79] - We don’t scope the JQuery on init

  •  [JSUI-81] - Add the pipeline from the response to the query hash

  •  [JSUI-85] - The standalone searchbox is sending a UA request when it shouldn’t.

  •  [JSUI-87] - No more time on results on Intranet (only date)

  •  [JSUI-88] - Searchbox enableQuerySyntax always set to true event if set to false with the attribute

  •  [JSUI-114] - Interface Editor: Not possible to drag-and-drop a facet slider

  •  [JSUI-116] - Quick View dragged from the Interface Editor is invisible

  •  [JSUI-118] - Interface Editor Date format option not passed correctly to slider from FacetSlider

  •  [JSUI-119] - Quick View “X” button not displayed correctly on mobile

  •  [JSUI-120] - Quick View title isn’t displaying correctly with small width

  •  [JSUI-121] - Remove open Quick View everywhere

  •  [JSUI-123] - Pager can land on an empty page if enableDuplicateFiltering

  •  [JSUI-124] - Link in Quick View header isn’t clickable

  •  [JSUI-125] - Some people don’t like Oops

  •  [JSUI-126] - FacetSlider start range doesn’t fit with the first value on int the facet

  •  [JSUI-127] - The text component renders long strings in span with no word-wrap

  •  [JSUI-89] - Hierarchical facets not behaving normally

  •  [JSUI-108] - Browser cookies aren’t properly set

  •  [JSUI-128] - Contextual query not applied in Firefox

July 2015 maintenance release (v1.0.20.9)

Bug fixes

  • #64357 Quick View header may be scrollable on mobile
  • #64358 Rotating a mobile device from a view to another and open the keyboard clears the Quick View iframe content
  • #64398 iOS: Tap + swipe left/right doesn’t work
  • #64887 Fix product number in the CoveoJsSearch.WithDependencies files
  • #64899 More than one single quote in the query breaks JavaScript Search Framework request
  • #64946 The iframe inside the Quick View doesn’t resize correctly and makes it invisible
  • #64961 Quick View navigable keywords disappear when touched on mobile
  • #65180 Local storage in Safari private mode throws an error on set, get, and removeItem
  • #64657 The queryBuilder sets a “default” value to the pipeline prop, but should not

July 2015 release (v1.0.20)

This is the first release of the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework in version 1.0!

Important breaking changes

The passage of the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework from version 0.9 to 1.0 comes with a set of breaking changes that you must take into consideration when planning to upgrade from version 0.9 to 1.0 (see Version 0.9 to 1.0 breaking changes and upgrade guidelines).


New template editor

You can now use the Interface Editor to easily customize and create HTML result templates, like other search interface features.  More documentation to come. 

New Matrix component

The Matrix component allows you to use the values of two fields (row and column) to display the results of the specified computed field in a table.

Add new search interface tabs from the Interface Editor

You can now use the Add a new repository tab to create a new search tab showing results from another repository type without leaving the Interface Editor. 

New search result components

The Coveo JavaScript Search Framework version 1.0 comes with a set of new components that you can use in your search result templates:

  • The Badge component allows you to add field value badges with specific background colors to your search results. 
  • The Icon component allows you to easily add an icon appropriate to the each result type. 
  • The Excerpt component allows you to easily include an excerpt. 
  • The QuickviewDocument component is typically included within the Quickview Component to include an iframe that loads the HTML version of the item. 

New FacetSlider component

You can now use the new FacetSlider component to create special facets offering a slider and a graph to select the facet values.

In version 0.9, this component was normally created as a normal FacetRange Component with a special set of options. In version 1.0, the FacetRange Component can no longer render with a slider or a graph.