Concepts and architecture

Coveo for Sitecore comprises modules you install in Sitecore and others that make up the Coveo Platform. These modules interact with Sitecore and among each other, from the indexing to the querying stage. Gaining an understanding of what each module does and how each of these parts work together won’t only help you in the installation phase, but throughout your Coveo for Sitecore journey.

Coveo for Sitecore architecture and event workflows

Learn about the high-level Coveo for Sitecore blocks and their modules. See how these modules play their part during indexing and querying events (see About the architecture).

Organization provisioning

When you activate Coveo for Sitecore, you can either choose to link your Sitecore instance to an existing Coveo organization or create a new organization. Whenever you create a new organization, that organization must be provisioned. Find out what goes on behind the scenes during this process (see About organization provisioning).

Sitecore administrator credential usage

Coveo for Sitecore must impersonate a Sitecore administrator when performing certain restricted tasks in Sitecore. For more details regarding the (see Sitecore credential usage in Coveo for Sitecore).