Set up development and production environments

Perfecting a Coveo for Sitecore indexing and search solution is an iterative and continuous process. With this goal in mind, you’ll want to provide your developers or integrators with the environments they need to implement and test their changes before going live.

The articles in this section provide answers to the frequent questions Coveo for Sitecore clients have on how to get set up to efficiently bring search experience improvement ideas to fruition.

Sitecore environments sharing a Coveo organization

How can several Sitecore instances be connected to the same Coveo organization? With this setup, how do you differentiate resources associated to one Sitecore instance from the resources of other instances? What are the implications of sharing a Coveo organization this way (see Share a Cloud Organization Between Many Sitecore Environments)?

Best practices when setting up in Coveo

How many Coveo organizations should you have for development and production? How will this all work (see Leading Practices When Setting up in Coveo)?

Providing Coveo access to developers and integrators

How do you provide developers and integrators access to a Coveo organization? How do you configure these members with the minimum privileges they need (see Create a Coveo group for developers and system integrators and Add members to the group)?

Source control

Which Coveo for Sitecore files should developers source control and which files should be left out (see Source control)?