Customer Support and Success Plans

Coveo offers three Global Customer Support and Success Plans (CSSP) that are designed to meet your business needs and help you maximize your Coveo investment. The Customer Support and Success Plans provide access to trained Coveo Product Support Specialists as well as 24x7 access to our comprehensive self-service website for help.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is included with your purchase of a Coveo license. This plan is best for customers who have a single, simple use case of Coveo with a limited amount of connectors.

With a Basic Plan, you will have comprehensive support from a team of Customer Product Support Specialists during regular business hours (12 hours per day x 5 days per week). The Basic Plan includes the following:

  • Access to the Coveo Community
    • Online Product & Developer Documentation
    • Knowledge Base
    • Peer Discussions
  • Customer Success “Getting Started” Videos
    • Coveo Fundamentals including the Coveo Relevancy Maturity Model Road map
    • Relevancy Tuning
    • Query Pipeline Management
    • Content Gaps
    • Usage Analytics
  • Access to Library of Best Practice Videos & Customer Success - Learning Series Clinics
    • New videos published each month based on #trending topics. Customer Success - Learning Series Clinics. Live interactive discussions (not webinars) hosted by a Customer Success Team member.

Each feature of the Basic Plan is carefully designed to provide value to your business so you can effectively:

  • Drive adoption and understand leading practices
  • Access support and value-add resources

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan is available at an additional cost to your purchase of a Coveo license. This plan is best for customers who want to proactively extend their adoption and accelerate usage of Coveo through regularly scheduled coaching sessions.

With a Plus Plan, your team will connect with a designated Coveo Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure consistent alignment between your business goals and the usage of your Coveo solution.

This plan includes a up to six (6) hours of design and usage reviews per month and two (2) Executive Business Reviews per year with your designated CSM.

Access to our Support team is also expanded with increased initial case response time and an additional designated support contact from your organization.

Each feature of the Plus Plan is carefully designed to provide value to your business:

  • Includes everything in Basic
  • Coaching Sessions, tailored to your needs with a Designated Customer Success Manager
    • Understanding Artificial Intelligence ( AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
    • ML Readiness Assessment & Implementation Planning
    • Usage Analytics Configuration
    • Analytics Test Plans
    • Building and Tuning Performance Reports & Dashboards
    • User Interface Design Leading Practices
    • Adoption Planning & Change Management
    • Knowledge Management Leading Practices Health
    • Assessment & Recommendations
  • 6 hours/month with CSM
  • Semi-Annual Executive Business Reviews delivered remotely

Premium Plan

The Premium Support and Success Plan is available at an additional cost to your purchase of a Coveo license. This plan is best for customers who have Coveo deployed across their organization with multiple use cases including but not limited to website search, customer service agent search, portal or in-product search.

Customers who select the Premium Support and Success Plan get the most personalized level of strategic services and guidance, support and application of leading practices, faster response times and initial response time on support cases. This plan Includes everything in Basic & Plus with:

  • Increased access to our most experienced Product Support Specialists
  • Our fastest response time for all case severity levels. Please see ‘Case Severity and Response Times’ on page 4.
  • Extended 24x7 support across all products; with critical weekend and holiday coverage for severity level 1 cases

This Premium Success and Support Plan includes the following Customer Success Deliverables:

  • Tailored workshops and strategic services focused on accelerated achievement of business outcomes with a Customer Success Manager
    • Governance & Communication Planning
    • Center of Excellence Service Planning
    • Org/Team Strategy Design
    • Analytics Expert Engagement
    • Customer Journey Mapping Leading Practices
    • Improving Customer Experience with AI Powered Search
    • Automated Proactive Monitoring
    • Adoption Reviews & Improvement Planning
    • Coveo Org Diagnostic Review & Recommendations
  • 12 hours/month with CSM
  • Quarterly Executive Business Reviews
    • One per annual contract period to be delivered at a customer office location

Additional Success Units (ASUs)

Some customers have more complex needs and require assurance services beyond what our CSSP Packages offer. To service this demand, and provide additional strategic services we’ve developed our “ASUs” or Additional Success Units.

Each ASUs is bundled as 12 hours per month of additional assurance services with a Customer Success Manager. ASUs can be added to the Premium plan.

Customer Support and Success Plan Coverage at a Glance

Support plan components
Software Updates and Hotfixes
Product Documentation
Case Management  - Online, Phone
24x7 access to Online Help
Product Downloads and Documentation
Product Release Notifications
Online BiteSize Learning Videos
Extended Hours (24x7) for Severity 1 Cases
Best Practice Webinars/Recordings
Proactive Outreach
Designated CSM
CSM Hours/Month
6 Hours
12 Hours
Number of Contacts 1

1: In addition to the Primary contact; additional support contacts for your company can be added as per your plan. In order for additional contacts to receive Support, they must first register on our Customer Community.

Support Contacts & Registration

With a Coveo Customer Support & Success Plan, your organization can pre-determine and identify a Primary Technical Contact on the Customer Support and Success Plan.

A Technical Contact is responsible for:

  • Submitting changes/updates to contact information and license information.
  • Managing all other contacts within your organization.