Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Coveo offers three Technical Account Manager (TAM) plans to elevate your business outcomes and maximize your Coveo investment. The TAM plan assigns a resource to complement Coveo’s CSSP and Professional Services offerings. The TAM will provide a best-practice approach to our out-of-the-box components, simplifying platform administration, and exploring our expansive feature roadmap.

The TAM doesn’t replace standard engagement practices with our Technical Support Team. You can find those interaction details in the Case management process article.

For any questions about our TAM offering, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or

Technical Account Manager packages

The TAM will be available as an additional add-on to a Coveo subscription. The packages are detailed in the following table:

Scope 10 hours monthly 20 hours monthly Enterprise1

10 hours of consultative assistance




20 hours of consultative assistance




50 hours of consultative or managed assistance




8 AM to 5 PM ET response hours




Communication, facilitation, advocacy, relationship, implementation guidance, data validation, documentation, and education




Platform administration consultative




Platform administration managed




Connectivity consultative




Connectivity managed




UI features consultative




UI features managed




  1. Maximum 50 hours per month. For more detailed information on the specific offering, please read the Technical Account Manager offering section.


These offers don’t cover merchandising due to the lack of understanding of the required revenue generation strategy.

Technical Account Manager offering


After you sign the offer with Coveo, we will introduce the TAM to the critical stakeholders for the use cases within your company. This meeting will include an introduction, establishment of outcomes, and cadence call schedule (cadence calls are included in the time bank). The calls will be used to discuss the following:

  • Open service requests with Technical Support

  • Support case escalation management

  • Support metrics tracking and overview

  • Current and future projects - Managed by TAM

  • QA status for in-progress TAM projects

  • Sign-off and deployment schedule for tested projects (managed services only)


  • The TAM will be alerted to new cases created by assigned accounts.

  • The TAM will focus on facilitating the movement of cases through support (collaboration with a product specialist to achieve intended outcomes).

  • TAM will own the support case escalations of active cases to ensure a satisfactory resolution.

  • Maintain support metrics and case reports to offer a continuous improvement feedback loop for the support experience.


  • Acts as an internal representative for the customer on support-related issues.

  • Proactive monitoring and outreach from internal detections and early diagnosis of potential platform management and performance issues.

  • Notification of impacting changes or active incidents.

  • Source failure detection to proactively notify customers for resolution (if managed will attempt resolution of failure).

  • Internally promote ideas submitted by assigned customers.


  • Will join quarterly business reviews conducted by account teams to demonstrate the ROI of the TAM Service.

  • Daily monitoring and reporting of active cases (shared with customers).

  • Monitoring and reporting of Support SLAs.

  • Assistance for increases of soft limit restrictions.

Platform administration

Depending on the signed offer, the TAM will work with the customer to provide guidance or execute managed services administrative tasks associated with the Coveo Platform.

  • Member and group management

  • Notification configuration

  • UI framework and integration package upgrades

  • SSO configuration

  • Resource snapshot management

  • API key creation and management

  • Query pipeline and machine learning configuration

  • A/B testing configuration and review

  • Search consumption deep dive


  • Configuration of our native connectors.

  • Assistance for index pipeline extensions (IPEs) is limited to those in our documentation.

UI features

  • Assistance for non-customized features of the UI (for example, results template, facets, and breadcrumbs)

Implementation guidance for TAM projects

  • TAM will guide customers through implementation best practices for out-of-the-box features to benefit easier feature adoption for customers in the future (for out-of-the-box implementation projects requiring under 8 hours).

Data and content validation

  • Customer data models and content (metadata) will be questioned, analyzed, and recommended to maximize relevance for end-users.

  • Promote good data ingestion practices for infrastructure health and invested outcomes.


  • Secured internal resources detail the customer ecosystem, helping the support teams better understand the constraints for individual implementations.

  • Maintenance of Customer Teams, ensuring correct stakeholder involvement in communications sent from Coveo.


  • Guidance for interactions with Technical Support Teams.

  • Proactive notification of customer-facing changes in the support experience.

  • Self-service coaching and guidance.

  • Assistance for product education in the event of turnover or team changes for customers.

  • All items listed previously are offered in each TAM plan tier. The main differentiating factor between the tiers is that managed services (changes executed by a Coveo resource on behalf of the customer) are only available under the Enterprise plan, as shown in the preceding table.

  • Also, all the previous statements relate to out-of-the-box components and features. If customization work is required, the TAM will complete a hand-off to the Professional Services team for a Statement of Work. Initial implementation is still recommended to be handled through Professional Services if an in-house team isn’t available.

Time management

The TAM will maintain time tracking and provide weekly updates to the customer. Customers may request a detailed report of the hours provided by Coveo.

Time bank hours won’t carry over to the next month; unused time will be lost. The time bank will replenish on the first of each month.

Customers can obtain additional hours by purchasing the next package in this three-tiered offering.