Coveo Customer Global Support and Success Guide

About this Guide

This document provides details about the services we provide to customers with the purchase of a Coveo Customer Support and Success Plan or Coveo product subscription. It is intended to provide an explanation of the elements of Coveo Support, Customer Success and Training programs available; the benefits of each and how you can use them to maximize your Coveo investment.

An Introduction To Coveo Support And Customer Success

Coveo Customer Support and Success Teams are dedicated to providing world-class service by building trusted relationships with every customer; ensuring value based adoption and success, post-implementation.

We recognize that you have made a significant technology investment and how important Coveo solutions are to your business and bottom line.

Our teams are staffed with professionals from various industries with comprehensive background in Content Management, Search and Knowledge Management and our philosophy is simple; we are ‘Customer Advocates’.

An Overview

Scope Free product Basic plan Plus plan Premium plan
Customer Success N/A Self-Guided, access to pre-recorded leading practices Designated Customer Success Manager, 6 Hours/Month target1
2 x Executive Business Review (EBR)/Year
Designated Customer Success Manager starting from 12 Hours/Month target1
4 x EBR/Year with 1 onsite
Customer Support Online Community only (Unauthenticated Access only) Basic Support - 15hrs/day x 5/week (6am - 9pm ET)

S1 - 4 Business Hours2
S2 - 8 Business Hours
S3 - 12 Business Hours
S4 - 24 Business Hours
Standard Support - 15hrs/day x 5/week (6am - 9pm ET)

S1 - 2 Business Hours2
S2 - 4 Business Hours
S3 - 12 Business Hours
S4 - 24 Business Hours
Premium Support - 15hrs/day x 5/week (6am - 9pm ET) + (24x7 for S1)

S1 - 1 Hour2
S2 - 2 Business Hours
S3 - 6 Business Hours
S4 - 12 Business Hours
N/A 99.5%3 99.5%3 99.9%3

1: CSM hours are planned, not committed and unused hours do not roll over month to month.

2: Support requests for Severity Level 1 issues shall be made by telephone to trigger the Initial Response Time.

3: Excludes Excused Downtime for scheduled maintenance

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