Use the Quantic library

What’s Coveo Quantic?

Coveo Quantic is a Lightning Web Component (LWC) library for assembling powerful and responsive Coveo for Salesforce search interfaces, Coveo Case Assist interfaces, and Insight Panels. Quantic components are self-encapsulated, composable, and lightweight.

Under the hood, Quantic relies on the Coveo Headless library to interface with the coveo-platform} and handle the application state.

Quantic relationship with Headless and the Platform.

When Should I Use Quantic?

Quantic is the most modern way to build Coveo for Salesforce search interfaces, Case Assist interfaces and Insight Panels. As LWCs, Quantic components are faster than the previous generation of Coveo for Salesforce components, implemented in the Lightning Aura framework.

As opposed to Coveo Lightning Aura components that you can drag and drop out of the box, the Quantic library is deployed as an unlocked package and requires you to create your own components from it. This means that using Quantic requires developer skills. Assuming that you have such skills, you can wrap the components of the Quantic package to create your own search interface, Case Assist interface or Insight Panels. It’s much easier to create components using Quantic components than it is using the Coveo for Salesforce Lightning Aura ones.

In short, if you have developer skills and want to create new Coveo for Salesforce search interfaces or Case Assist interfaces, we recommend using Quantic. If you want to implement an Insight Panel, we recommend using the out-of-the-box Hosted Insight Panel, built using Quantic.


Where Do I Start?

To learn the basics of the Quantic library, see the Usage section.

You may also want to check out the Quantic Component Reference.