Results Header Section

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Coveo for Sitecore Specific Rendering This rendering adds a Results Header Section dynamic placeholder in which you can insert Results Layout Section, Results Sorts Section, Results Summary Section, and Tabs Section renderings.

Insertion location

Coveo Hive

The Results Header Section rendering is an Allowed Control in the following placeholder(s): Results Header

Example insertion sequence for the Results Header Section rendering.

Coveo Hive SXA

Coveo for Sitecore SXA doesn't include a Results Header Section rendering. Use Sitecore containers or splitters to create sections for your result header renderings (e.g., see Coveo Date Sort Insertion Location).

Data Source Options

This rendering doesn't require a data source.

Sample Generated HTML in Experience Editor

<div class="coveo-results-header scEnabledChrome chromeWithDatasource" sc-part-of="placeholder rendering">
  <code ... ></code>
  <span ... ></span>
  <div class="scEnabledChrome scEmptyPlaceholder"
  <code ... ></code>
The Results Header Section rendering floating toolbar code is purposely omitted.