About the License

Coveo for Sitecore comes shipped with a license tailored to the needs of a specific user or organization. This is why the following information is stored in the license.

Field name Description


Name of the customer who requested a license


Company of the customer who requested a license


Type of the license (Pro Cloud or Enterprise Cloud)

Support Plan Expiration Date

The expiration date of your support plan, if you have one

The above information can be viewed in the Sitecore Control Panel (see Upgrade Your License).

Depending on the type of your license, advanced features may be enabled or disabled. Disabled features don’t appear in the properties of Coveo for Sitecore components. Additionally, APIs related to these features are also disabled, meaning that calling them doesn’t have any effect.

Edition Features and Limits

Coveo for Sitecore edition-specific features and limits are indicated on the Coveo website (see Coveo for Sitecore Editions and Pricing).

Coveo organization limits are displayed on the Coveo Administration Console Settings page.


The 30-day free trial of a Coveo for Sitecore edition lets you evaluate the product with identical features and limits as its paid version.

Advanced Features

Analytics Logging

Coveo-powered search interfaces can log various search-related events in the Sitecore xDB. These events can then be used for query suggestions or reporting.

Analytics Conditional Rendering

The Conditional Rendering feature includes two pieces:

  • The rules that are specific to the xDB and that you can use with the Coveo Search components (see Rule Set Editor Boosting and Filtering Rules Reference). To use these rules, you also need to have the Ranking Editor feature enabled.

  • The rule that can use the data that has previously been stored in the xDB and that’s able to change your layouts accordingly (see Use Sitecore Personalization With Coveo). In this case, you need to have the Analytics Logging feature enabled as well.

Content Personalization

The term Content Personalization refers to the Automatic Boosting feature, which is driven in part by the data stored in the xDB.

Automatic Boosting is a feature that can help you personalize your Search components by leveraging information coming from the profiles and patterns. Automatic Boosting lets you increase the ranking of search results based on a visitor pattern card, prioritizing certain results over others (see Use Automatic Boosting).

Layout Personalization

This feature can leverage the xDB data to personalize your Coveo Components according to the current visitor pattern card (see Use Sitecore Personalization With Coveo).

Rule Set Editor

The Coveo Search component can use a set of rules to boost and/or filter search results. This is the simplest and quickest way to boost or filter your search results.

The Rule Set Editor is only available in the Enterprise edition. With other editions, you have to use Query Pipelines or the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework for your filtering and boosting needs (see Filter and Boost Using the Rule Set Editor).

Coveo ML Content Recommendations

A Coveo Machine Learning feature which provides content recommendations based on the behavior of similar users (see Get Content Recommendations).