Export filters

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When you want to reduce the size of your exports, you can use different filters in the Visit Browser, before extracting, that allow you to have only the targeted metadata (see Data exports). As this data is exported in a CSV file, the quantity of information tends to be hard to interpret. Filters help you decrease the size of your exports and better understand your user visits.

You can focus on visits that contain a case creation to learn the behavior of your users before they create a support case.

You can select a part of the year or a precise day to help you distinguish the different ways your users interact with your search pages. The period filter allows you to reduce or expand the time range before exporting data (see Set the Period to Review Search Usage Data). For example, you can reduce the size of the CSV file by reviewing only the user visits from the last month.

When adding multiple filters to a single event category, the AND operator is used.

Named filters can also be useful if you want to create some filters that will be available for many reports (see Manage Named Filters).