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Coveo for Salesforce 2.26 (July 2016)

You can define more than one search result template with the Coveo Interface Editor. When you want to customize a search result template, the first step is to select the template to modify.

To select a search result template to modify

  1. In the Coveo Administration Console, on the Search Pages (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page, click the desired page, and then click Edit interface in the Action bar. Alternatively, see Access the Coveo for Salesforce Interface Editor for Salesforce search interfaces.

  2. Select an existing template using one of the following methods:

    You can also create a new template based on an existing one (see Create a JavaScript Search Result Template).

    • From a template

      1. In the Interface Editor, click UI-Settings*, and then click Result templates.

      2. In the Result templates pane, click the template you want to modify.

    • From a search result

      In the search results, hover over a search result of the type you want to modify, and then click Edit to edit the corresponding template.

      Once you have clicked Edit, you can see the template ID in the Template Option pane. If this isn’t the template you want to modify, click Cancel and look further for a search result of the desired type.

What’s next?

Consider customizing the template grid to add or remove rows and cells (see Modify a JavaScript search result template grid).