Coveo for AppDirect (legacy entitlements)

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The article lists product entitlements that were effective before March 25, 2021.

See Coveo (Entitlements) for the most recent ones.

This topic presents index item storage and recommendation limits associated with Coveo for AppDirect.


The storage allocation for Coveo for AppDirect is limited to a certain number of items per Coveo production organization. An item means an element of content in the Coveo index such as a document, an email, or an HTML page.

Each customer is allocated items based on the queries per month (QPM) and Users specified in the purchase order and information in the following table. Coveo’s QPM estimates are based on the information shared by customers, depending on the use case and the customer’s search page’s current traffic.


Customers onboarding with Coveo after October 1, 2022, who exceed their item limit will be allowed a limited overage, then blocked from indexing new content or refreshing their index content unless they purchase additional items from Coveo or delete content from their index. Purchasing additional items is only available for the Pro and Enterprise editions.

Allocation type Item allocation
Per 100 K QPM
Included 1 M
Additional Minimum increments 1 M1
Limit 60 M2

1. Many editions or additional billable units (QPM or User) are cumulative, up to a maximum of 60 M items.
2. For greater allocation, contact Coveo Sales.


The Coveo Machine Learning (Coveo ML) Content Recommendations (CR) feature presents a user with most relevant content consulted by other users with a similar navigation history (see About Content Recommendations).

Each Coveo for AppDirect customer is allocated a limited number of recommendation queries (expressed in recommendations per month (RPM)) per Coveo production organization based on the purchase order and information in the following table.

Allocation type Recommendation allocation
Per 100 K QPM
Included 200 K RPM
Additional purchase 500 K RPM3

3. For greater allocation, contact Coveo Sales to upgrade to an Enterprise edition.