Apply Filtering Rules

Coveo for Sitecore and Coveo provide several mechanisms you can use to filter results.

The Rule Set Editor

The Rule Set Editor is a wizard which alleviates the complexity that comes with dealing with filtering expression syntax and using Coveo JavaScript Search Framework classes and methods. You can access the Rule Set Editor through Coveo for Sitecore rendering data sources, directly in the Sitecore Experience Editor.

Coveo Query Pipelines

Coveo query pipelines are rules that can be specified to alter queries in the cloud before they’re sent to the index. Among other features, filtering rules can be defined.

You have different ways to route search queries to Query Pipelines. You can map a Coveo for Sitecore search interface to a specific Query Pipeline or associate conditions to your Query Pipelines to apply filtering expressions dynamically.

JavaScript in Custom Coveo for Sitecore Renderings

Using JavaScript in custom renderings lets you extend Coveo for Sitecore renderings with your own JavaScript code and apply your own filtering expressions.