Version Support Lifecycle policy (legacy)


This content was effective prior March 25, 2021. See Coveo Customer Support and Success Guide for the latest version of the guide.

The “Version Support Lifecycle” describes the phases during which Coveo products are eligible for hotfixes and support.

It’s our policy to provide support and fixes in current versions of our software to supported customers; fixes to older versions are at Coveo’s discretion. Coveo strives to put resources behind the most recent product updates in order to continually improve and enhance the value of our software.

We will attempt to answer questions on older versions of our products provided resources are available; however, we encourage customers using discontinued versions to upgrade to the current version of the software.

“Inactive Version” means all releases of any major version that have been succeeded by a more recent major version of the Software. All releases preceding the release of a following major version become inactive immediately upon such release.

Support and Maintenance services for a version of the Software that has been retired by Coveo is excluded from this Policy. Support and Maintenance services are provided for versions issued in the previous eighteen (18) months running unaltered on an appropriate hardware and operating system configuration as specified in the Documentation; provided however that the last release of an Inactive Version will be supported for three (3) years from the moment it becomes inactive.

Product enhancements

Customers interested in submitting product enhancement requests can do so by creating a case with Coveo Support or by logging their idea on Coveo Connect (Ideas tab).

A request submitted via a support case, will be documented and the request will be submitted into the enhancement review system. The request identification number will be provided to the submitter and the Support case will be closed.

Product Management will review the open enhancement requests on a periodic basis and consider them for inclusion in future product updates. Product enhancements won’t be considered or implemented in current or prior product updates. There’s no guarantee that a specific enhancement request will be implemented in a future version of Coveo products. Coveo, at its discretion, may determine that certain enhancements to functionality in the product may be offered for an additional charge or as a chargeable option.

Product defects

Once your case has been investigated by our Product Specialists and it’s determined to be a defect in a Coveo product, it’s recorded in our defect tracking system and escalated to Coveo Research & Development.

When your issue is resolved through an update or hotfix, your case will be updated and you will be notified.

For any V1 issues resolved, see our V1 Resolved Issues page. To see the latest Cloud v2 features see our Coveo Platform New Features page.

Product licensing

Coveo products have license keys generated for their use. Some products require a new license key when upgrading Coveo to a new update and/or hotfix.

If you have Questions regarding licensing of a Coveo Product please email the Coveo Licensing team: A Coveo Licensing Representative will respond to your query within 48 hours.