Support for custom applications (legacy)


This content was effective prior March 25, 2021. See Coveo Customer Support and Success Guide for the latest version of the guide.

While Coveo Support does provide help with the types of issues noted below, we don’t support custom code, nor do we support the final application or functionality at the user level.

Coveo Support for custom developed applications extends to:

  • Determining if the problem is with the core product or the custom code. If the issue is with the custom code, we try to offer some direction, but ultimately you may be referred to the Coveo Professional Services Organization (PS) for more help.

  • Providing clarification and explanation around the specific functionality of software components being used in the application development. For example, we’ll answer specific questions regarding documented properties, methods, and parameters.

This policy extends to customizations developed for a customer by consultants in the Coveo Professional Services Organization (PS), a Systems Integrator or by the customer. If Coveo Support determines that an issue stems from such customizations, you’ll need to engage the Professional Services Organization for more help.