Share Query Component


The ShareQuery component allows users to easily share the search results they obtained for a specific query.

The ShareQuery component appears as an option of the Settings menu Settings when a Settings component is initialized.


Adding the Share Query Component to a Search Interface

Find the <div class="coveoSettings"> section, and then add the following code to the section:

<div class="CoveoShareQuery"></div>

The <div class="coveo-search-section"> section should now look like this:

<div class="coveo-search-section">
  <div class="CoveoSearchbox" data-enable-omnibox="true"></div>
  <div class="CoveoSettings">
    <div class="CoveoShareQuery"></div>


The Share Query panel contains the following information:

This box contains a sharable URL with query parameters of the search interface.

Complete Query

When a query has been sent, this box is filled with the query entered by the current user.

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