Advanced Search component

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The AdvancedSearch component can be useful for users that want to build and tune complex queries without using the Coveo query syntax.

The AdvancedSearch component appears as an option of the Settings menu Settings when a Settings component is initialized.


Adding the Advanced Search component to a search interface

Find the <div class="coveoSettings"> section, and then add the following code to the section:

<div class="CoveoAdvancedSearch"></div>

The <div class="coveo-search-section"> section should now look like this:

<div class="coveo-search-section">
  <div class="CoveoSearchbox" data-enable-omnibox="true"></div>
  <div class="CoveoSettings"><div class="CoveoAdvancedSearch"></div></div>

By clicking Settings, your end users can now click Advanced Search and use the Advanced Search panel.