Indexing Leading Practices

This section provides instructions and leading practices regarding the indexing process, from initiating an index update to viewing your indexed content in the Coveo Administration Console.

Indexing Methods

Coveo for Sitecore also implements Sitecore index update strategies to automatically maintain Coveo indexes. You can also start index updates many ways, both in Sitecore and in Coveo for Sitecore. To be efficient and to minimize the load indexing can represent on your infrastructure, you only want to manually update your index when this is necessary (see Coveo for Sitecore Indexing Performance Best Practices).

To increase data freshness or to improve performance, Coveo for Sitecore provides an article on configuring index update strategies (see Use Indexing Strategies).

When you need to start an index update, select the most appropriate method for your use case (see Update Your Search Indexes).

Analyzing the Rebuild Process

A rebuild operation comprises many steps. Coveo for Sitecore has documentation to help you monitor and understand the Sitecore logs entries during a rebuild (see Analyze the Rebuild Process). This can prove useful for troubleshooting indexing issues.

Reviewing Indexed Content in the Coveo Administration Console

After performing important indexing-related changes (for example, indexing configuration modifications, implementing an indexing processor, etc.), you want to review your indexed content to ensure that you achieved the intended outcome. The Coveo Administration Console allows you to view your sources, your field configurations, your documents and field values, and your security identities (see Manage Sitecore Content in the Coveo Administration Console).