Are Queries Case-Sensitive?

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Coveo queries aren’t case-sensitive as you can’t find only the items containing a specific casing variant of a term.

However, the unified index records which items contain casing variants of terms (first, all, or some letters in uppercase). When you search for a specific casing variant of a term, the search results include all casing variants of the searched term, but the results containing the casing variant you’re searching for are ranked higher (see About Search Result Ranking).

Because by default queries are expanded using stemming, returned items also include related terms sharing the same root (see About Stemming). To reduce the number of results, you can however disable the stemming expansion using the exact term prefix (+) in front of your casing variant term (see Searching for an Exact Term) so that the search results only return items containing casing variants of the term, not those containing the other terms sharing the same stem.