Coveo Preferences Panel

Legacy feature

This article pertains to the Coveo Hive framework which is now in maintenance mode.

Choose one of Coveo’s more modern, lightweight, and responsive libraries for any future search interface development. See the search interface Implementation guide for more details.

Preferences Menu Option | Coveo for Sitecore 5 Implements the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework PreferencesPanel component which renders a Preferences item in the Settings popup menu.

When website visitors select the Preferences option, a modal is displayed allowing them to specify and save search interface customization options (see Coveo Results Preferences).

Usage notes

  • The Coveo for Sitecore implementation adds a Preferences Panel placeholder, accessible through the Settings popup menu, in which you can insert preferences renderings, such as the Coveo Results Preferences rendering.

  • Coveo for Sitecore currently only supports the ResultsPreferences Coveo JavaScript Search Framework component. The ResultsFiltersPreferences component isn’t supported.

Insertion location

Coveo Hive

The Coveo Preferences Panel rendering is an Allowed Control in the following placeholder(s): Searchbox Options

Example insertion sequence for the Coveo Preferences Panel rendering.

Coveo Hive SXA

Coveo for Sitecore SXA rendering insertion locations aren’t limited by placeholder Allowed Controls. The Coveo Preferences Panel rendering may therefore be inserted throughout the partial design, whether in Coveo for Sitecore or Sitecore placeholders.

To ease rendering management, group Coveo Advanced Search, Coveo Export To Excel, Coveo Preferences Panel and Coveo Share Query renderings together near your Coveo Settings Button rendering.

Example insertion sequence for the Coveo Preferences Panel rendering.

Data source options

This rendering has no data source.

Sample generated HTML and corresponding visual output

Generated HTML:

<div class="CoveoPreferencesPanel">
    <div class="CoveoResultsPreferences">
      <!-- code of the Coveo Results Preferences rendering appears here -->

When a website visitor selects the Preferences option in the Settings popup menu, a modal like the one below is displayed.

Preferences Panel Sample | Coveo for Sitecore 5