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The Usage Analytics Read API dimensions endpoint allows you to retrieve the list of dimensions in your Coveo™ organization (see /v15/dimensions). Ensure that you’re using an access token with Analytics - Analytics data - View and Analytics - Dimensions - View privileges in the target Coveo organization (see Add an API key).

You will usually find it simpler to manage dimensions through the Administration Console (see Manage dimensions on custom metadata). This article is only relevant if you have a legitimate reason for listing dimensions programmatically.

Authorization: Bearer **********-****-****-****-************

200 OK response body (excerpt)

    "type": "DATE",
    "displayName": "Day",
    "apiNames": [
    "returnName": "actionDayOfYear",
    "custom": false,
    "availableInVisit": false,
    "eventTypes": [
    "status": "AVAILABLE"

You may then want to use the displayName value to learn more about the dimensions (e.g., Day).

You can also create new dimensions if desired.