Assign a Farm Name to Resources

When rebuilding your Sitecore indexes, Coveo for Sitecore creates or updates a set of resources such as sources and security identities in Coveo called a farm. These resources are named after a combination of your Sitecore index name and the Farm name value you specified in the activation step. If you have not specified a Farm name value, the Sitecore host and instance name are used instead.


When activating Coveo for Sitecore, you call your farm ProductionFarm. The first rebuild of the master index creates a source called Coveo_master_index - ProductionFarm in your Coveo organization.

Leading practice

You should specify a Farm name value to unify all Coveo resources under a single label. This is also a mandatory step when scaling your Coveo for Sitecore environment (see Prepare the Main Sitecore Content Manager for a Scaled Environment).

You can set or update the Farm name in the Coveo Command Center (see Modifying your Indexing Options).

Updating the Farm name appends the same suffix to all sources and security identities. If you’re looking to update only a specific source, see Change the Name of Sources Created in the Coveo Index.


Changing the Farm name in the Command Center updates the <farmName> element text content in Coveo.SearchProvider.Custom.config. Similarly, when you change the text content of the <farmName> element in Coveo.SearchProvider.Custom.config, the Command Center reflects this change as soon as you refresh the page.

However, if you overwrite the Farm name value using a patch file of your own, the Command Center will detect a difference between the Coveo.SearchProvider.Custom.config Farm name and the one in the Sitecore compiled configuration. When both values are different, the Command Center disables Farm name editing.