Analyze HTTP Traffic Using Chrome Developer Tools

Analyzing the GET and POST response that’s sent by a Web Application reveals useful information. This is particularly true when diagnosing the behavior of a Coveo for Sitecore Search.

This article explains how to obtain the Headers and the Response of any HTTP method called by a Coveo for Sitecore Search page using Chrome Developer Tools.

Sample Troubleshooting Procedure

  1. Open the Chrome Browser (Get Chrome)

  2. Open the Chrome Developer Tools (or select F12)

  3. In the Developer Tools Console, select the Network tab. This will display all the methods that were used since you opened the tool.

  4. Clicking a method under the Name column header will give the details of that method. The Headers represent the header of the method.

  5. The Headers tab also allows you to see the full query that’s sent by your Coveo for Sitecore Search page.

  6. The Preview tab displays a summary of the relevant information that was returned by the method call. For a query in a Coveo for Sitecore page, it will show information like how many results were returned, how long did the query took, etc.

  7. The Response tab contains the entire content of what was returned by the method call.