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Coveo documentation

Implement Coveo

Unify your public and secured content with our connectors.

Create and customize your search interfaces with our libraries.

Optimize your search interface with our query pipeline features.

Monitor your solution with our usage analytics tools and keep track of your data.

Bring your solution to maturity with our AI models and manage your machine learning.

Manage updates, accesses, notifications, and learn how to edit your preferences.

Manage your Case Assist and Hosted Insight Panel solutions.

Plan, develop, deploy, and maintain a successful, relevant search solution.

Index your commerce content, integrate relevant search and Coveo ML-powered product recommendations into your commerce site, and drive conversion.

Unify structured and unstructured data to create a repository of knowledge. Even large and complex indexes will always return the most relevant content, personalized for each end-user.

Unify your information securely and provide your users with sub-second access to the same data, and only the data, that they can see in the repositories for which they have permissions.

Use generic or product-specific connectors to index your web content. Integrate AI-powered search into any web application or CMS, and offer visitors the most relevant experience at every touchpoint.

Search the content of a website.

Search the content of a sitemap file or Sitemaps index file.

Search the content of a YouTube brand or user channel.

Search any content which is located in a remote repository and exposed through a REST API.

Search content for which a specific connector isn't yet available by pushing it to your Coveo organization.

Search SharePoint Online or OneDrive content.

Search the content of a Jira Software Cloud instance.

Search the content of a Jive Cloud community.

Search the content of a Slack workspace.