Log in to Coveo for the first time

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Welcome to Coveo!

We’re excited to help you increase the relevance of your user experiences with AI recommendations and personalization.

To start configuring your Coveo organization, you must log in to the Coveo Administration Console.

The Console is available at one of the following addresses, depending on your Coveo license:

Coveo lets you log in with a third-party account you already use at your workplace.

On the login page, click either Google, Microsoft, or Salesforce, and then enter your credentials.

Coveo login page

Once you’re in, you’ll be prompted to accept Coveo’s terms and conditions.

Then, you’re ready to start configuring your Coveo organization and take advantage of Coveo’s powerful capabilities!

What’s next?

To help you get started with your Coveo journey, we recommend the following documentation: