Hosted Search Page component

The Coveo Hosted Search Page component lets you leverage classic hosted search pages and Coveo’s Interface Editor to directly change the configuration of your Zendesk search page. It also allows you to manage your search page templates from your Coveo Administration Console instead of copying the page template directly into the Zendesk template code.


The Coveo Hosted Search Page component requires Zendesk v0.0.2 or later.

Use the Coveo Hosted Search Page Component

For steps on accessing the folders in the Customize design window of Zendesk, see Customizing your help center theme.

  1. Customize your Help Center theme.

  2. Once you’ve decided where you want the search page to display, insert the following HTML code:

    <CoveoHostedSearchPage data-page-name='<PAGE_NAME>'/>
  3. Replace <PAGE_NAME> with the name of the classic hosted search page that you created in the Search Pages (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) page of the Coveo Administration Console.

  4. Click Save and reload the page. The search page template will load where the HTML tag was added.