Delete an API key

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It’s good practice to create an API key with minimal privileges for one precise and exclusive purpose and delete this API key from the Coveo organization when it’s no longer needed for that purpose.

You can’t undo an API key delete operation. If you’re not entirely sure you should delete a specific API key, consider disabling it instead.

Use the Delete an API key operation to completely remove an API key from a specific Coveo organization.

You can also perform this action from the Coveo Administration Console (see Manage API keys - Delete an API key).

Request template

DELETE<MyOrganizationId>/apikeys/<MyApiKeyId> HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer <MyAccessToken>

In the request path:

In the Authorization HTTP header:

A successful response has no content, but signifies that the API key corresponding to the API key ID you provide as a path argument no longer exists in the target organization.

Sample request

Deleting an API key in a Coveo organization

Accept: application/json
Authorization: Bearer **********-****-****-****-************

Successful response - 204 No Content