December 2019 Release (v1.13.5)

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the Interface Editor December 2019 Release (initially released as v1.13.2).

Release Highlights

Issue numbers: IE-714, IE-718

This release re-introduces UI View support for some of the advanced settings that were only configurable through Code View since the June 2019 Release.

Partial UI View support has also been re-introduced for the Folding component. While you must still add the component through Code View, you can thereafter edit it from the UI Settings menu. The FoldingForThread component is still not supported in UI View.

Other Changes

Issue number Bug fix
IE-648 Fixed issue where adding a Timespan Facet with its field option set to @date didn’t work.
IE-665 Fixed issue where Simple Filter and Category Facet components were not displayed at all when configured with an invalid field option.
IE-688 Fixed issue where some long help texts couldn’t be scrolled.
IE-717 Fixed issue where no intelligent code completion suggestions were provided in the Code View when editing the root CoveoSearchInterface element.
IE-725 Fixed issue where focusing on the value caption selector didn’t display any values.
IE-729 Fixed issue where the value caption selector input was not cleared after a value was selected.
IE-730 Fixed minor styling issue that could occur in Firefox, Edge, and IE11 when using query expression editor.
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