November 2019 Release (v1.12.3)

This page summarizes the new features and bug fixes introduced in the Interface Editor November 2019 Release (v1.12.3).

Release Highlights

Code View: Introducing Intelligent Code Completion

Issue numbers: IE-653, IE-656, IE-657, IE-658, IE-664, IE-667, IE-669, IE-671, IE-672, IE-673, IE-674, IE-676, IE-678, IE-680, IE-681, IE-682, IE-683, IE-686, IE-710, IE-711

The Code View now provides intelligent code completion features (suggestions, documentation, validations, etc.).

Animation: Code View intelligent code completion

Code View: Toggle Dark Mode

You can now toggle between light and dark mode in Code View.

Animation: Code View dark mode

Issue number: IE-689

Other Changes

Issue number Enhancement
IE-644 Suggest only facetable fields of the expected type when editing a facet.
Issue number Case Maintenance case
IE-688 00055383 Fixed issue where result template component’s option panel sometimes turned blank.
IE-712 00056861 [Coveo for Salesforce] Fixed issue where sections of the UI Settings didn’t expand as expected.
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