September 2019 Release (v2.7023)

This page summarizes the improvements, new features, and bug fixes introduced in the September 2019 Release (initially released as v2.7023.4).

To download the latest version of this release (v2.7023.9):

Resource Script to include
Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (minified)
<!-- Coveo JavaScript Search Framework (with lazy loading) -->
<script class="coveo-script" src=""></script>
<!-- If you prefer to use the eager loading version, use the following link instead -->
<script class="coveo-script" src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>
Result templates
<script src=""></script>

For more available resources, see CDN Links.

Release Highlights

New Result Template Component: ImageFieldValue

Issue number: JSUI-2570

The new ImageFieldValue result template component makes it easier to leverage fields pointing to image URLs in query results.

<!-- ... -->
<div class="CoveoResultList">
  <script type="text/html" class="result-template" data-field-photourl">
    <div class="coveo-result-frame">
      <div class="coveo-result-row">
        <div class="coveo-result-cell">
          <div class="CoveoResultLink"></div>
      <div class="coveo-result-row">
        <div class="coveo-result-cell">
          <div class="CoveoImageFieldValue" data-field="@photourl"></div>
        <div class="coveo-result-cell">
          <div class="CoveoExcerpt"></div>
<!-- ... -->

ImageFieldValue Example

New CategoryFacet Option: dependsOn

Issue number: JSUI-2471

The new dependsOn option of the CategoryFacet component allows you to hide a category facet unless one or more values are selected in another specific facet.

<!-- ... -->
<div class="CoveoFacet" data-id="StoreFacet" data-field="@store" data-title="Store">
<div class="CoveoCategoryFacet" data-field="@categories" data-title="Category" data-depends-on="StoreFacet">
<!-- ... -->

CategoryFacet dependsOn Demo

New Omnibox Option: clearFiltersOnNewQuery

You can set the new clearFiltersOnNewQuery option of the Omnibox component to true to automatically reset all advanced query filters when the end user submits a new query from the search box.

<!-- ... -->
<div class="CoveoOmnibox" data-clear-filters-on-new-query="true">
<!-- ... -->

clearFiltersOnNewQuery Demo

Improved Pilot Component: DynamicFacet

Pilot Feature

Issue numbers: JSUI-2450, JSUI-2528, JSUI-2552

The DynamicFacet component now supports facet search.

DynamicFacet search demo

The component has also been improved in several other ways (see Other Changes).

Improved Pilot Component: DynamicFacetManager

Pilot Feature

Issue number: JSUI-2571

The new maximumNumberOfExpandedFacets option of the DynamicFacetManager component allows you to specify how many of its embedded dynamic facets should be expanded when your search interface loads.

<!-- ... -->
<div class="CoveoDynamicFacetManager" data-maximum-number-of-expanded-facets="2">
  <div class="CoveoDynamicFacet" data-title="Type" data-field="@objecttype"></div>
  <div class="CoveoDynamicFacet" data-title="FileType" data-field="@filetype"></div>
  <div class="CoveoDynamicFacet" data-title="Author" data-field="@author"></div>
<!-- ... -->

DynamicFacetManager maximumNumberOfExpandedFacets demo

Other Changes

Issue number Enhancement
JSUI-2591 Log a warning when a result template doesn’t contain a ResultLink component.
JSUI-2462 [DynamicFacet] Prevent show more/less from triggering a full search query.
JSUI-2504 [DynamicFacet] Remove the preservePosition option and replace it with enableScrollToTop.
JSUI-2547 / JSUI-2604 [DynamicFacet] Refactor and improve dynamic facet state usage analytics metadata
Issue number Case Maintenance case
JSUI-2576 00047446 [Facet] Fixed issue where specifying an additionalFilter caused only the selected facet values to be shown if the search box contained a query.
JSUI-2594 00053573 Fixed issue where navigating back in history had no effect when a category facet value and other facets values were selected in a no results page.
JSUI-2600 00053573 [Facet] Fixed z-index issue with the coveo-facet-value-exclude CSS class
Issue number Bug fix
JSUI-2304 Fixed issue where custom events were not handled properly with Locker Service (Coveo for Salesforce).
JSUI-2512 [Facet] Fixed issue where facet values were not updated correctly when using the dependsOn option.
JSUI-2516 [ResultList] Fixed issue where the enableScrollToTop option didn’t work with Locker Service (Coveo for Salesforce).
JSUI-2540 [Facet] Fixed issue where facet fields were still clickable in query results when a facet was hidden because of the dependsOn option.
JSUI-2563 Fixed Quickview icon alignment issue with folded children in default result templates.
JSUI-2583 [Facet] Fixed issue where facet settings were partially hidden when the facet column was in a scroll container.
JSUI-2584 [DateUtils] Fixed regular expression syntax that caused issues with some browsers.
JSUI-2593 [TimespanFacet] Fixed issue where including a TimespanFacet always logged a duplicate ID warning.
JSUI-2559, JSUI-2596, JSUI-2595, JSUI-2597, JSUI-2598, JSUI-2599 Fixed various accessibility issues.

Additional Change in Maintenance Version


Issue number Case Enhancement
JSUI-2640 00055330 [Coveo for Salesforce/Locker Service] Fixed issue where fetching more results in infinite scroll didn’t work.
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