March 2019 Release - v3.29

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This release includes the JavaScript Search Framework October 2018 maintenance release (v2.4710.19) and the JavaScript Interface Editor January 2019 Release (v1.8.11).

To know what to look out for when upgrading from v2 to v3, see Upgrading from v2 to v3.

This page summarizes the enhancements, fixed support cases, and bug fixes introduced in the March 2019 Release (v3.29).

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Major Features

Free to Pro One-Click Upgrade General Availability

The Free to Pro One-Click Upgrade, which was introduced as a pilot feature in the August 2018 Release (v3.16) is now generally available (see Switching From a Coveo for Salesforce Free to a Pro Trial With One-Click Upgrade).

CaseDeflection Component General Availability

The CaseDeflection Lightning component, which was introduced as a pilot feature in the May 2018 Release (v3.10) is now generally available (see Integrate a Coveo Case Deflection component in an Experience Cloud site).

Issue number Enhancement
SFINT-2027 [Lightning Interface Editor] Added length and height options for SearchInterface component.
SFINT-2113 Remove feature flags on Free to Pro One-Click Upgrade and CaseDeflection component
SFINT-2129 [Lightning Interface Editor] Added support for importing custom CSS and JavaScript.
Issue number Case Maintenance case
SFINT-2044 00048223 [Lightning CaseCreation] Fixed recurring Value provided is invalid for action parameter ‘useDefaultRule’ of type ‘String’ error.
SFINT-2104 00048711 [Lightning StandaloneSearchbox] Fixed infinite loop issue when clearing query.
Issue number Bug fix
SFINT-2079 [Lightning Insight Panel Interface Editor] Fixed missing string when configuring ResultActions components.
SFINT-2082 [Lightning Interface Editor] Removed superfluous standalone search box Enable query syntax option.
SFINT-2102 [Lightning CaseCreation] Fixed issue where creating case from component in published community would fail.
SFINT-2106 [CommunitySearch] Fixed recurring Uncaught (in promise) error.
SFINT-2107 [CommunitySearchbox] Fixed recurring A search was triggered, but no analytics event was sent warning.
SFINT-2116 [CommunitySearchbox] Fixed issue where handlers couldn’t be bound on JavaScript Search Framework query events.
SFINT-2119 [SearchUI] Fixed issue where method arguments were not applied correctly.
SFINT-2124 / SFINT-2166 [CommunitySearchbox] Fixed issue that caused duplicate search events to be pushed.
SFINT-2128 [CommunitySearch] Fixed issue where Chatter thumbnail wouldn’t appear in Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition.
SFINT-2149 [ResultActions components] Fixed styling issue when using ResultActions components outside of a ResultActionsMenu.
SFINT-2164 [Lightning StandaloneSearchbox] Fixed issue where merging query external state failed when facet values were selected.