Switching From a Coveo for Salesforce Free to a Pro Trial With One-Click Upgrade

Free edition only

Pilot Feature in 3.16 Generally Available in 3.29+

The One-Click Upgrade widget allows your administrators to quickly switch from a Coveo for Salesforce Free edition to a Coveo for Salesforce Pro Trial organization, and vice versa, to compare both editions.

It starts by retrieving your Salesforce content and information. Then, it creates a new source, where your content is transferred, which facilitates your transition.

One-Click Upgrade only works in a Salesforce Classic Coveo Search page.

  1. If not already done, log in to your Salesforce organization using an administrator account.
  2. Ensure you created a search page in Salesforce Classic (see Integrating a Coveo Full Search Page).
  3. Access the Interface Editor in the selected search page (see Accessing the Coveo Interface Editor).
  4. At the bottom-left, hover over the Start Your Pro Trial widget.
    1. Next to Pro Trial, select Start Your Pro Trial.


    2. In the Coveo for Salesforce Pro Edition page, click Start Your Trial Now.
    3. In the Allow Access? window, select Allow.

    Your trial should now be provisioning. This may take between 15 and 30 minutes.

    Do not close the window until the provisioning process starts.


  5. Click Activate for all users.


  6. To try each version, hover over the Free or Pro Trial, and click Preview.

You now have a Salesforce source in your Coveo Cloud administration console (see Logging in to Coveo Cloud V2).

The trial starts by the time you click Start Your Pro Trial.