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The easiest way to navigate and inspect items in a Coveo organization index is to use the Content Browser, which is accessible through the Administration Console. When troubleshooting indexing-related cases, the first steps suggested by the Coveo Support team typically involve this tool.

The Content Browser (platform-ca | platform-eu | platform-au) offers a variety of debugging tools, such as the ability to view permissions or open indexing pipeline logs for any given item. Assuming that you have the required privileges, it also lets you enable the View All Content option to bypass item or source security. This can be convenient, because you can then explore content that you wouldn’t otherwise be explicitly allowed to see as a user.


By default, the Content Browser enforces the default query pipeline, but you can use the Pipeline dropdown menu to enforce another query pipeline (bypassing its condition, if any). Conditions on query pipeline statements are evaluated normally in the Content Browser.

You will learn more about query pipelines in the Set up a query pipeline article.

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