Evaluate the project time frame

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Every search project is different: a simple project may require less than a week of work, while a fully integrated search experience may take up to a few months of development and configuration effort. The size and complexity of a project can drastically impact its time frame.

The following diagram illustrates the sequence of steps involved in any search project. The steps are part of the DEA steps of the IDEAS methodology used by Coveo Professional Services.

Search project activity diagram | Coveo
  • Testing isn’t represented in this diagram, as it’s a recurring activity; each step should be thoroughly tested.

  • While this diagram illustrates a sequential flow of activities, keep in mind that you must constantly come back to the indexing, searching, and tuning relevance steps to keep improving your solution once its initial deployment is complete.

Here are some key factors that can impact those steps (and therefore, your search project time frame):

What’s next?

The Initial configuration article guides you through the creation of your Coveo organization, if you haven’t already done so, and describes the various resources you can manage through it.